Give Equal Importance to Exterior Aspects of House Designing

by Adam Peters

It is wrong on the part of house owner to have an impression that if a house looks good inside it is sufficient, exteriors have same role as that of interiors to passerby. In fact, it is the exteriors first that anyone sees so they need to be more impressive than interiors.

house has two parts-the interior and the exterior. Just paying attention to the interiors is not enough. Like a body has to be looked after, both from inside and outside, a house too has to be looked after from both inside and outside.

When you take walk in your neighborhood, what attracts you the most with houses all around? A beautiful, well maintained building and a lawn. Similarly, you too have to take care of the exteriors of your house. The most important task for the exteriors is to maintain the outer appearance of the building. If you think your roof needs to be repaired or changed, don’t give it a second thought. You surely don’t want the roof to tumble down some day and then the walls. If it has been long since you got those walls painted, then go ahead and get them painted. Besides these, if there is additional work that you would like to work on for the exteriors, like ornamenting the house from outside, if it fits your budget, then you should do it.


When you look at your house, what do think occupies most of the space of the building? The windows and the doors! You need to put on those gloves and start working on the windowpanes or sills. Paint the windowpanes that will match with the color of the building, Take care of the eroded edges and the oil the hinges. Tighten the screws if the panes seem to be falling apart. If the glass of the window is broken, it needs to be changed now.

You might just walk pass your store room window and realize that, that window needs to be taken care of. There are spider webs hanging and the glass has become so dirty that it looks like translucent glass piece. Some windowpanes might have got rusted. Change the panes and give your exterior a fresh, clean look.


Exteriors are not all about painting the walls, fixing your windowsills, replacing or repairing the roof. You can work on the natural beauty to beautify your exterior. Work on landscaping your own garden. Garden is place where you can do many things. Have a green carpet of grass, bushes and flowers around. Fence the garden if you want to. Make cemented sidewalks for you convenience. A tree or two will be good too. You can always dig a small pool to give your garden look like scenery in itself.

The real estate agents have termed the landscaping of the garden as ‘curb appeal’. Meaning, one look at your garden will make the passer-by wish that he or she too had such beautiful garden. You really do not have to buy expensive flowers to beautify your garden. Ordinary flowers too can attract the bees. The whole idea of a garden without flowers is not complete in its sense. Garden is synonymous with flowers, trees grass. You would not want to spend a lot on the garden. But you can always have few flowers and lush green grass for the attraction.

Do not sit back. Work on the exteriors. Do not forget the important tasks that need to be finished first and never neglect your own garden, and of course, do not forget your backyard too. How you decorate patio is matter of creativity. If you really get your brain thinking, there are many ideas and ways by which you can decorate the exteriors of your house.

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