Simple Do-It-Yourself Feng Shui For Your Home

Simple Do-It-Yourself Feng Shui For Your Home
by Constance Sanders

Feng Shui is an ancient form of decorating practice, which originated in China. It applies ancient Chinese principles in the arrangement of objects. Feng Shui implies that everything around us naturally has and gives off an energy, called chi. Chi flows throughout space and depending on its movement can affect the people in that space in a positive or negative way. Feng Shui suggests the favorable arrangement of objects to give off a positive chi.

Feng Shui has survived for centuries. In this modern time, more and more people are becoming interested with this practice.

Feng Shui is not as simple as knowing which objects need to be rearranged. Every detail must be analyzed and everything must be related with each other. Fortunately, for those who only want some basic information, it is possible to practice Feng Shui in your home.

One of the most important details of feng shui is to trust one’s own instinct. That instinct will be telling the decorator what works and what does not so that, even if they are not fully experienced in feng shui, they will know when an environment is friendly and welcoming and when it is not. Watching the flow throughout the room can be as easy as watching people actually move through the room. If it can be done with ease, the room has a natural flow.

Certain objects affect the flow of chi and one important item is the area rug. This decor has such a huge impact on the over-all look of the room that its color, texture and placement can affect the flow of energy. Is the color too loud? Is the rug’s texture too thin from preventing cold from the floor, therefore causing much discomfort? Does the rug look off from where it is placed?

Home decorating is a tricky process in general. We make mistakes, we try again, we fail yet again and we try another approach. Along the way, we are either blocking or allowing chi to flow. As long as you feel right, it is a good sign. Don’t just focus on how those area rugs or the other decors look. Feel too the emotions and the energy present in the room.

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