Colors & Feng Shui

Colors & Feng Shui
by Tanya Hurley

Feng Shui is a way that the Chinese believe will bring about a balance and energy into your room. Chi is what the energy is and with the right use of Feng Shui it is said to be able to flow from all objects in the room and help to get your energy back. You need to set up feng shui in the right way so that the chi is able to flow in the right way.

One of the most important aspects of this feng shui and the chi working correctly is by picking the right colors to place in the right areas. The colors you see will largely decide how you feel when you are looking at the objects, and this will allow the chi to either flow freely or make it less functional. The purpose of the room will also decide what sort of color you should use. If you use a color in the wrong type of room you will only depress the chi and not allow yourself that extra energy.

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Learning how to best use the color in a room will play an important part in a proper feng shui arrangement. If a room is supposed to be a room with relaxation, such as a bedroom, having too many light or bright colors will achieve the opposite effect. At the same time, putting dark colors in the office may push people to relax too much and no work will ever be done.

Specific objects that are in a room will also determine whether chi will work in the room. Don’t have too many different colors in a room this will only play havoc on the chi and not have your room balanced at all. So if a room has light walls adding in some darker furnishings is a great idea. If you have too much of one color it will become overwhelming and not help you out at all.

Area rugs will help out the chi in a room too. With so many colors of rugs available you shouldn’t have a problem adding a rug in every room possible. You don’t have to have a rug that matches the furniture as long as it looks right on the floor. This may be the best way to help the chi get through the room with a nice smooth flow.

A great way that you can tell if you have the feng shui of a room done correctly is to watch how people who visit act to the room. If they seem happy and have a bunch of energy you have the colors and set up just right. But if they are uptight, you may have too may bold colors in the room. If you can read how people react in your rooms you will have a great way of figuring out how to have the chi flowing the correct way.

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