Tips for Purchasing an Outdoor Rug

Tips for Purchasing an Outdoor Rug
by Celine Marstoni

There are numerous motives for why a person would want to invest in an expensive outdoor rug. Many of the people buy outdoor rugs for their outdoor kitchen setup. Extending your indoor kitchen outdoors is becoming a popular trend in new houses as well as renovations because it increases your living space and entertainment area.

Some benefits to outdoor rugs include weatherproof, decoration to your patio or deck and more comfort to your feet when you are outside. Outdoor rugs can vary in price range, but a lot of them are well worth the cost. Overall, having an outdoor rug can benefit your experiences outside the home.

My wife and I live in a tiny condo and so we really have to strive to get the maximum amount of space out of what we have. We have a little patio outside of our basement that we really wanted to be able to utilize and entertain on. We decided to put a grill down there as well as spruce it up with some plants and an outdoor rug. The outdoor rug really added a lot of character and personality to the space. I can’t imagine not having it now. It adds a lot of color and a soft feeling to walk on. It was a great decision to purchase this. Another benefit of this is that there are no more splinters from the wood!

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All of the benefits definitely outweigh the deficits. Outdoor rugs are made for all types of weather and most of them are guaranteed to hold up for a certain amount of time even during rain, snow, sleet or sun. As mentioned above, they add character to your outdoor space. Also, it is a great way to keep your feet from getting splinters on a deck or to keep them cool on that hot summer day.

Pricing of outdoor rugs varies widely; you can get something for $50.00 for $15,000. They are carried everywhere, including Home Depot and Lowe’s. We purchased our rug for about $90.00. Ours is from Home Depot and is the standard size of 8 feet by 10 feet. In retrospect, we probably could have gotten a much better deal had we done our research online and purchased from a site like Amazon or Overstock. Next time around, we will definitely be buying online. But, with that said, $90.00 isn’t an unfair price. We are certainly still happy with our purchase.

Utilizing an outdoor route to spruce up an outdoor space and to get it character in class is an excellent idea. If you have the opportunity, look at all of your options out there because there are really some fantastic designs and styles to choose from. Additionally, I highly recommend that you read reviews posted on Amazon and other online retailers to ensure that you are buying a product that other customers are happy with. Good luck!

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