Save Energy and Money With 3 Nifty Home Improvement Products

With the high costs of fuel today, it pays to save energy and money on home improvement projects where you can. To help with your budgets, here are three awesome products in the marketplace to check out.

1) Hurricane Socks

We always use a number of measures to get rid of dirt and dust from our house. However, it becomes quite difficult to prevent accumulation dirt once the rainy season and hurricane season starts. To prevent water from coming into your house, hurricane socks can help. Made from high quality water absorbing material, hurricane socks are usually 3 inches by 3 – to 4-feet long cylinders of polypropylene packed in strong nylon.

You can place these hurricane socks at the bottom of the doors and windows to prevent possible water dripping and leaking. And surprisingly, these water absorbent socks are able to soak one-gallon water. That means you can change a single hurricane sock after couple of days; simply wring it out, let it air dry and use it – over and over and over again. Crack those tough wet jobs with easy-to-use, economical hurricane socks.

2) Abzorb Mats

Sometimes even after taking all major precautions to keep the house clean, floors – especially the garage and kitchen floors – become dirty and greasy. But don’t worry! An easy solution is to use Abzorb Mats, made of quality absorbing polypropylene, backed with high quality epoxy resin.

Abzorb Mats:

• Keep you garage cleaner and safer from slipping accidents on greasy spots.

• Prevent damage to not only flooring (wood, concrete and others) but also walls, cabinets other areas.

• Absorb gallons of water, and when the water evaporates from the mat, you can use them over and over and over again.

• Are easy to use and clean, and last for years.

• Also come in rolls for easy cutting with scissors or other tool.

Available in multiple sizes and affordable price ranges, Abzorb Mats can be used inside your garage, home (under pet dishes, in children’s rooms, under kitchen appliances, etc) and other areas as well as; for example, outside on decks under grills.

3) Draft Stoppers

Along with house cleaning, keeping your home warm is also important, especially during winter season. A central heating system and / or living room fireplace combo is excellent for this purpose, available in local home improvement stores and online.

Note, though, that even if you have your systems and fireplaces in place and running, you need to try hard to prevent possible heat loss, since severe heat loss may overload the systems resulting in overuse of electricity, not to mention excessive energy bills. A simple way to avoid this is to block gaps responsible for heat loss with quality draft stoppers.

A well graded draft stopper is made finely ground corn cob filled in a cylindrical polypropylene bag, easy to shape as you’d like, and place accordingly. These draft stoppers are long lasting, economical and tough on heat loss.

So give it a try – nothing to lose – – save energy and money with any or all of these 3 nifty home improvement products.

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