Air Adjustable Bed: Desirable Bed and Air Mattress Styles That Actually Work

With the influx of air adjustable bed brands on to the mattress market, customers are complaining that many models simply aren’t hitting their quality promises. If you’re considering the purchase of an adjustable air mattress but want to a brand that’s known for its quality, keep reading for three classic recommendations.

ComfortAire Bed Options

ComfortAire builds high-quality air mattresses that not only offer adjustable support and comfort, but are also designed to last.

The company focuses on using high quality materials like Latex foam, Sensus, a TPU air core, Geo-Matt response systems and Intense mattress fabric, which is designed to absorb your body’s static discharge and tension.

All Comfortaire mattress models come with a dual or single air chamber system that lets each sleeper adjust their own personal side of the bed. So, if your husband prefers a firm bed but you like it soft, you can each have your way without disturbing the other.

Sleep Number Bed Mattresses

Select Comfort and the Sleep Number brand are well known, thanks to the company’s long-running ad campaigns and over 470 retail locations across North America.

The Sleep Number bed comes in 6 systems, ranging from the Sleep Number 3000 to what they call their deluxe Sleep Number 9000. The basic model in a Twin will cost about $40, while their luxury model in a California King can cost as much as $4700 with added accessories.

Because people are so skeptical about the comfort or quality of an air-chamber mattress, Select Comfort has invested in over 478 bricks-and-mortar stores where you can actually try their Sleep Number bed and see exactly how they work. Visit their Store Locator online to find a store near you. You can also try a Sleep Number bed in your home for 30 days, thanks to their money-back, 30-day guarantee. Be aware that you would be required to pay return shipping.

Sealy Right Touch Mattresses Filled with Air

Because the RightTouch air adjustable bed is made by one of the world’s most trusted mattress companies, most people purchase one with a high degree of confidence in the product. Like all Sealy mattresses, the quality is regarded as high, the materials inside are good and the product works. And, like all air adjustable bed systems, the RightTouch allows each individual sleeper to control the firmness level on their side of the bed.

As with Sealy products, the RightTouch bed is backed by their 20-year warranty and 30-day, no-questions asked, money-back guarantee.

For cost, the Sealy RightTouch system usually boasts a sticker price of just $1400 to $1700, depending on whether the box spring is included. This is an affordable range for most couples.

While many air adjustable beds available today can be prone to malfunctions, sagging or leaks – these three brands have routinely demonstrated that they represent some of the best in the industry. If you have set your sights on the purchase of a new bed, many people find that a mattress filled with air meets their comfort need.

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