How To Adorn Your Walls

How To Adorn Your Walls
by CJ Dalton

Trying to change the look of your room but not wanting to change a bunch of the items in the room? Well this can be done by changing things around on your walls. The objects pictures or other things that may be placed up on a wall can add to or take away from any style you may be trying to bring into the room.

A few things you might want to try to add to those walls are by putting up some wall hangings, area rugs on the walls or even a nice large family collage.

A lot of people find that they have a problem with large walls in their home they just aren’t sure how to change the look around. Without making the wall look overcrowded or still a large empty space. But you can look at photos in art stores or a nice painting even. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on these items either by shopping in stores like a second hand store or visiting a flea market you may well find an ideal fit for your room and a nice way to cover up some of that underused space.

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Again with a collage you can cover a big area of a wall. Get some poster board and get a bunch of family pictures together. You know pictures of the kids your parents, and all those lovely vacations you have taken over the years. Cutting the pictures to only the people in them you glue them onto the poster board. Either have it framed or do the job yourself to save some money. Although it may take you a bit of time to do the framing it will cost you a lot less money and in the long run will be well worth the effort.

Purchasing a nice wall hanging that you have found while you were shopping is another way to cover up a larger wall. Maybe even some glass shelves placed strategically and having some nice items to put on the shelves. Or a large mirror that will go with the dcor, you can find some great antique mirrors out there for a little bit of money.

Try something unique by purchase an area rug, but placing the rug up on the wall. With so many different textures and colors that you can choose from you should have no problem getting the right look and the right size of rug to place on the wall. Remember that this will be a great way to possibly add in some color to the room that you could have been missing before.

Be creative when coming up with ideas to make the wall look better. Don’t let those old rules you’ve learned hold you back. Try one of the ideas above and see just how great it will make the room look. Remember shopping wisely will also save you some money when it comes to finding some nice wall coverings.

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