The Natural Beauty of Limestone Fireplaces

If you are renovating an existing room you may be looking for a piece de resistance and what better focus to add to a room than a hand carved limestone fireplace. Limestone fireplaces are also a great addition to new houses and are available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes to suit your home.

The History of Limestone

Each piece of natural limestone is unique and unlike any other piece due to the way it is formed. A sedimentary made of calcium carbonate CaCO3 limestone originates on the floor bed of tropical seas and turns into stone by the accumulation of the constituent grains of calcite. Calcium and bicarbonate ions in the water combine to form calcium carbonate as the water is warmed by the sun and carbon dioxide is given off to form limestone. The appearance and quality of the limestone is influenced by factors such as the quantity of calcium carbonate in the limestone and the amount of fossil contained in the limestone.

The colour of the limestone is also decided at an early stage in its formation, as different amounts of iron oxide dissolving produces cream, orange, brown and red shades whilst grey and black shades are produced by and iron sulphide.

Experts can effectively read the history of a piece of limestone and decipher when and where it was formed.

The Design of your Limestone Fireplace

As a versatile stone, limestone can either be carved or left untreated for a more contemporary looking fireplace. Due to the uniqueness of the stone, few limestone fireplaces are the same and most different dimensions and styles, so you can be confident in the knowledge that your fireplace is a ‘one off’.

The dimensions of the fireplace can be tailored to meet your requirements and made to compliment your interior design scheme. Fireplaces from reputable companies are usually individually made and signed off by a master mason, an expert in stone. The beauty of the limestone fireplace is that these days it is at home under any chimney with or without a hearth or mantel and is functional for any type of burning, solid fuel, electric, gas or enclosed stove fire.

One of the advantages of a limestone fireplace is that they never go out of style. You may choose to go for a more contemporary simple design, alternatively you may consider an elaborate design. Stone and art worked alongside each other for years and fireplace consultants are starting to use stone in new and creative ways. If you are looking for a jaw dropping focal point for your room you will appreciate the fine detailing that can be achieved in a limestone fireplace design.

The Cost of your Limestone Fireplace

The price of limestone fireplaces is very much dependent on the quality, style and finish you choose. As fireplaces can be tailored to your requirements, most fireplace consultants will provide you with an idea of the cost based on your specifications. A limestone fireplace may be a little more expensive but is definitely worth the investment for your home.

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