Improve Your Closet with a Closet Organizer

by Eric Slarkowski

Closets are always used to store things, they are normally very large cabinet which is sometimes recessed into the wall. Different people use closets in different ways depending on their preferences.

Some closets are quite small, however others are large and are used to store everything you could imagine. Many closets have lots of things stored in them which are why they often get mixed up and it quite easily becomes disorganized.

There are many different ways that someone can organize their closet, but first it is very good idea to look through the closet and take out anything that doesn?t belong in there. Also remove anything which doesn?t fit anymore, or isn?t needed. You should immediately get rid of these so that the clutter doesn?t spread to the rest of your house.

It is possible to buy complete closet systems, the beauty of these are that they can be customized and are suitable for any size and of closet. If you don?t have much storage space then you can create custom designed system. You will only need a few items from your tool boxes to assemble them.Already designed closets are suitable for people that have standard closets.

Some tips to consider when organizing your closet:

1. Shoe Racks

When storing shoes on the floor they quickly get mixed up which can cause your closet to look cluttered. It can also make it difficult to find both shoes which can be very frustrating. Shoe bags may seem like good idea, however they?re not. I would suggest a shoe rack instead. However steer clear of slanted racks as these will cause shoes without heels shoes to slide out of place. Go for racks which are flat and have a couple of shelves.

2. Organize your Drawers Drawers always tend to get into mess when you put all of your little odds and ends into the drawer. You can get round this by using drawer organizers, these help you keep track of where everything is.

3. Clothes Storage

clothing such as coats, hats, scarves and jackets normally get left on sofas or hung on the back of chair because they are so bulky there just isn?t enough room for them. You should sort out your coat closet to make sure that there?s nothing in here that you never wear any more. If you do find anything that you don?t want any more then you should consider throwing it away or giving it away. Make sure that you have enough coat hangers in your closet to store everything neatly.

You can find many different types of hangers which can hold much more weight and still only take up small space.

Gloves and hats should be stored in plastic bags so you can see what?s in there. Make sure you have separate bag for each member of the family so that nobody loses their gloves.

4. Extra shelves

An easy way to get some extra storage space is to install an extra shelf. The wall is commonly not used at ceiling level or at eye level, this means you could add two shelves to store things that you don?t need access to on a regular basis.

5. Arrange things Based on Season

You should put things that you currently use at the front of the closet, anything that you use in a different season should be placed at the back. Rotate these so you have access to the things that you need.

Everybody wants to organize their closets, and it is actually possible. By simply following the tips above you can improve your storage space substantially.

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