Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy
by BangangNkouppitt

Renewable energy has become such a popular subject, that it is seen as a constant theme in contemporary media, including major movies, TV programs and in music. The growing awareness and concern with environmental issues is fueling the fundamental shift toward being more environmentally conscious and toward using renewable energy whenever possible. There is still much pollution and waste in the world today, but there has never been such a high and growing level of awareness and motivation to change our fundamental lifestyles in order to save and cure our climate. Renewable energy is a fundamental piece of the puzzle for not only a healthy planet, but a healthy life as well.

A renewable energy system isn’t just the best hope for our future… it’s here and now. Renewable sources such as solar energy, hydro energy and wind energy can never be exhausted and are harmless to the environment. Renewable energy provides us with a route out of economic recession and depression and will change our way of life. It is a responsibility we should all embrace sooner rather than later.

Trends toward renewable energy are taking hold on a more widespread basis every day. One will hear more frequent mention of terms like “green construction” or “green companies”. These terms refer to building houses in an environmentally friendly manner, making as much use of renewable energy technology as possible and to businesses that have adopted an organized and serious policy to reducing their environmental impact through use of renewable energy.

New technology has made solar energy systems cost effective and offers a relatively fast return on investment. The next step is to create a sustainable society with the integration of these systems. Small systems are easy to build and a perfect way to start saving money and the environment Present-day systems, while rarely economically cost-effective, have demonstrated that a standard home with an appropriately-sized solar panel array and energy storage system requires electricity from external sources for merely a few hours per week.

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Three types of solutions fall into the category of renewable energy systems: solar energy systems, hydro energy systems, and wind energy systems. In this young millennium, renewable energy products are progressively becoming the workable answers for the independent-minded individual. Around the world, communities big and small are making commitments to reducing waste material and pollution with Zero Waste declarations.

Solar energy can help you save money while producing electricity for your home. Not only is it a very cost effective system, but also you may even be able to produce enough electricity that you will have additional energy which you would be able to sell it back to the power company. The sunniest areas could allow you to install a solar system that could go off-grid. The electricity from your solar photovoltaic cells is stored into a battery similar to a cars battery. In areas with less sunlight, you may consider piggybacking solar with a traditional system. This would allow you to receive electricity on sunny and cloudy days.

Like any other form of energy, wind energy has immediate and obvious advantages but also some drawbacks. Therefore any decision to install wind energy generators must take into account these different factors. Wind machines and wind turbines can effectively generate energy as electricity for free as long as the wind is available. Because wind is free and renewable, wind turbines generate clean and renewable energy, which already gives it an immense advantage compared to be contaminating fossil fuel plants that have already done so much damage to the earth?s ecology. In addition modern technology means that wind turbines can automatically adjust their blades to maximize the use of wind even if the direction changes.

The cost of electricity for wind turbines can be as little as 4 to 6 cents per kilowatt-hour. In making this calculation it is necessary to take into account the financing for the initial installation of the project and also the site selection in terms of the amount of wind available and therefore the amount of electricity that can be generated. However together with other renewable energy of such as solar energy wind energy is one of the cheapest forms of renewable energy anywhere on earth.

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