Glasgow Self Storage Insider Uncovers 7 Expensive Storage Errors

Glasgow Self Storage Insider Uncovers 7 Expensive Storage Errors
by Rob Shorten

A common storage option is to store items in a wooden crate. These crates are then placed in a warehouse. Usually crates are stacked one on top of the other to the roof of the facility. This makes access difficult and expensive for the operator. These charges are passed on to the customer with a fee for each occasion that the crate needs to be accessed. Check if you will be charged for access and consider this in your budget.

Self storage businesses just store your items. It is usually your responsibility to arrange transport both to and from the facility. You should include this in your budget. Removal companies will be the most expensive, followed by hiring your own transport. Consider choosing a storage company that provides free van hire or a collection service as this will save you money.

Check if you will be refunded for any unused days. Virtually all self storage is charged in advance. If you move out having just paid for the next period you may not be refunded for the unused days. Since most companies require you to pay for one month in advance this can mean you will lose a lot of money. Try and find a supplier who will refund you for all the days you have not needed.

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Many storage companies know that a lot of their customers are price sensitive and will shop around for the cheapest quote. In order to give a prospective customer the lowest possible price some will quote costs excluding taxes, such as VAT. It is only when the customer is moving in that this extra charge is applied. By then it is often too late for the customer to find an alternative supplier. Be sure to check the full costs in advance of your move.

Highly trained and motivated staff can save their customers a lot of money. They can give advice on how to store furniture and belongings in the smallest possible room. Smaller rooms are cheaper and the savings will quickly add up. Check how helpful the staff are when you are finding out about storage. Do they offer any space saving tips?

It is important to insure your belongings when they are in storage. Indeed most companies will insist that your items are covered. Most will offer their own insurance and some will even place a value to be insured depending on the size of the room you need. This can be expensive and over-insure your belongings. If you maintain your home insurance it is worth checking if your items are covered by their policy whilst in storage.

Many self storage units offer discounts to customers who pay for long periods in advance. The minimum period is usually 6 months. Further reductions will be made to those customers who are willing to pay for 12 months in advance. Investigate this option if you know that you will need long-term storage. You will make big savings.

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