Curtains For Home Decoration

Curtains For Home Decoration
by Lilith McGavin

Although blinds have been in vogue for some years, many people are going back to decorating with curtains. There are several reasons for this current trend of curtains over blinds some of which include the fact that they are less expensive, they can be created from any fabric, can be handmade, are easy to keep clean and they can match most articles in the room including throw rugs and furniture,

Most people feel that blinds are just too much of a hassle to clean. While a curtain you can just take down and get dry cleaned or even throw into the washing machine. Blinds need to be hand cleaned and you need to clean each section or it will only continue to look dirty.

The cost of purchasing blinds to put in each window can be very expensive, especially if you have your blinds custom made for each window. Finding drapes or curtains for your window can be easy to do.

If you are considering making your own curtains you will be amazed at all the choices you have. Making your own curtains is simple because the stitching is usually a straight long stitch.

Use any color or type of fabric to make your hand made curtains. Make sure the color is something that will fit in with the decor of the room nicely. You can also add some throw rugs to the floor to pull in the color of the curtain you have made. You don’t have to always match the colors either, there are several designs that have totally different colors in them, but if you do this the right way your room will look fantastic. Area rugs are a nice way that you can pull it all together for the look and they don’t cost a lot of money either.

There many other reasons why decorating with curtains is a far better alternative to decorating with blinds. Curtains are easy to make even if you are a novice with the sewing machine and they can pull together the decorating elements of any room. Whether you choose to use no sew curtains, make your own curtains or if you buy ready made curtains, you will find that you save money on these window coverings when compared to blinds.

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