Double Glazed Windows – What Do I Need To Look Out For?

by Neil A Kemp

For most people looking to exchange the glazing in there house with modern the main question they ask is why should I spend my hard earned cash on new anyway. For some it’s really not a choice it’s a necessity as the elderly windows are in a poor state of repair and have to be swooped out no matter what. For others it’s to get a new look for the home or maybe to be more after all energy costs these days take a large chunk out of the household budget and anything that can help has got to be great.

Because single windows only have a single sheet of glass when they are broken by accident or on purpose they shatter into many pieces some of which are long and very sharp. These sharp pieces can travel at some speed and cover a large distance. If hit by one of these pieces injury of some sort is almost inevitable. glazed units on the other hand are very strong and much harder to break. They can also be fitted with safety glasses which makes them even safer.

Wooden frames and single glazed units don’t offer much protection against a break in. Burglars can easily either break the single glazed unit with a mallet or in some cases even remove the entire frame to gain access to your home. When combined with windows that are easily opened there is not much to deter the determined thief. frames are much stronger and will resist even the most determined thief. When combined with great quality window locks your house will be much safer with modern double glazing.

Now that the cost of heating a house is rising steeply many individuals are looking for ways to conserve energy and thereby reducing their heating costs. The elderly fashioned single glazed windows are very energy inefficient. They allow a lot of heat from your house to leak out to the outside and if the window is large can leave an uncomfortable cold spot in a room. The answer is to fit double glazing this can help you save as much as 45% of the energy lost to the outside. Fitting modern energy efficient glass can give you even bigger savings as the windows are coated to enable heat to be kept inside the house.

When deciding whether double glazing your house is a good idea take the following into consideration. Unlike single glazing which is introduced into wooden frames double glazed units can be installed in many more different frame types. One of the most popular is PVCu which can now be manufactured in many different colors and is almost entirely maintenance free. The elderly problem of the frames fading has now been addressed and you can be sure they’ll look great for the lifetime of the windows. Timber frames can still be fitted if desired but they will need maintaining if you want to keep them looking great. Whichever double glazing you choose you can rest assured that they will enhance the look and increase the value of your home.

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