Mannington Flooring ” 8 Core Values

Mannington Flooring
by Toby Johns

The beauty of a home’s flooring is something that can make a striking impression. Discount Mannington flooring offers an affordable option that will beautify your home, and increase its long term value. Nowadays, there are many retailers trying to catch a share of homeowners’ business, and they’re providing unbelievable deals on discount Mannington flooring, along with flooring materials from other high quality manufacturers.

Mannington hold a high-regard for the environment, and they make this known to both their customers and the general public in publicizing their values.

Before investing in any company’s products, it is a great idea to understand the values and principles that drive the company who created those products. In the flooring industry, Mannington is a leader in responsible stewardship regarding the environment. They are a firm that stands behind the idea that actions speak louder than words. Mannington has developed a list of eight values which they distribute to each of their associates, and which are provided here for your review:

Highlights of the 8 Values of Mannington

Value 1: We talk publicly about our environmental initiatives. If our success can help another company succeed, so much the better. And by the same token, if our disappointments can keep other companies from wasting their time and resources, it will be better for all of us.

Value 2: We don’t greenwash. We don’t overclaim and we don’t mislead. We simply work hard to do the right thing.

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Value 3: We put our money where our mouth is by investing in resources and new technologies to minimize our environmental impact. “Just barely” isn’t good enough in our eyes, especially when it comes to the world our children will inherit.

Value 4: We are good neighbors. Our Good Neighbor policy is simple and clear: Mannington is committed to being a good neighbor by ensuring that our business has no adverse effects on the health and safety of our associates, our customers, local residents, and the environment.

Value 5: We value the people that we do business with. High standards of customer service along with trust and respect are the hallmarks of our philosophy.

Value 6: We make continual environmental improvements because it’s the right thing to do. We’ve always taken the long view. And we’ll always try to do the right thing.

Value 7: We believe that constructive planning around environmental issues is important. We discuss, plan, and implement. We freely speak our minds, develop strategies, and dive into the hard work that we set out to accomplish.

Value 8: We meet or exceed all regulations. When it comes to environment, safety and health standards, we’re not afraid to be first. And we’re not about to play catch-up.

If you have the good fortune of having discount Mannington flooring available in a store near you, reviewing samples and analyzing your home’s interior is time well spent in order to make a well informed decision about the materials you purchase. Whether you choose to buy discount Mannington flooring, or another top quality brand like discount Wilsonart flooring or Empire flooring, you can’t go wrong by improving the appearance and value of your home with new flooring.

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