Steps to Adding a Bedroom to Your Basement

If you have a growing family, you may want to a new to your house. Adding a bedroom can also add more value to your house. If you have space in your basement, then you should first consider adding the bedroom there. Adding a bedroom to the basement is much less expensive and time consuming than adding a bedroom on to the house. Still, as in any other remodeling project, adding a bedroom to the basement takes some time and planning. Properly planned, a basement bedroom can be a comfortable, and inviting place.

What Are The Important Steps To Adding A To My Basement?

1. When planning a bedroom, you will want to take into consideration some safety factors. Among these factors include an alternate exit from the bedroom, in case the stairway is blocked by fire. With this in mind, it is very wise to have a window that opens (an egress window) or other means of from the basement room.

2. You will also want to consider dampness of the basement itself. This dampness can cause all sorts of problems if you are not careful so it is wise to make sure your basement is dried out before proceeding to the next step. You can read more about drying out a basement on our website

3. Make sure to clear out the area of the basement where you are planning to your your room. Remove all items such as sporting equipment, boxes and furniture to give you space to work with.

4. If any new floor covering will be applied, be sure to sweep the existing floor and mop the floor surface with a commercial or consumer floor cleaner.

5. Plan your walls. Some people paneling for the walls while others add drywall. With a little extra effort, drywall provides a thicker wall that offers extra protection as well as holding picture frames and other wall art that paneling might not hold up.

6. If you plan on hanging drywall, frame in the with 2

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