Carriage Clocks At Home

by Tiimo F Kuchar

were originally made to be carried by travelers in carriages during the nineteenth century. They were more portable than ordinary of the time. They’re also a bit larger than what we think of as a small clock, due to their spring driven mechanisms. From practical time piece, they’ve come to be considered an excellent decor choice, and they’re getting a lot more popular.

Clocks of this sort are great in the home, and make a wonderful choice for desks and mantles, as well as being excellent gifts. Whether you choose an antique or a replica, clocks are a fantastic choice. Replicas are often more ornate than a real antique, since many early clocks were simply a brass timepiece with a handle to carry it. Today’s replica clocks are more ornamental, though there are some plainer ones that are a lttle more authentic.

Hands in carriage clocks were often placed on a decorated background of porcelain, making it easier to read the time. This porcelain was often richly decorated with detailed painting or other elements. That means that replicas should be displayed in a place where it’s easy to see their ornamentation.

Not only will they enjoy the beauty of the clock but most of these types of clocks have a chime which denotes the hour. There are many with songs and different notes that will allow you to know the time without even looking. There are also carriage clocks with a bell on top which will ring every hour as well as the half hour. After the was made for a while the makers started to embellish them with very elaborate items such as gemstones or scrolls.

Carriage clocks work fantastically in homes where antiques are already being used for decoration. Place them on your mantel in the living room to go with your other antique furniture. Just remember that there are no springs in the majority of modern carriage clocks. To increase reliability and reduce cost, they’re made with newer quartz movements, rather than old fashioned spring driven ones.

Some makers of the carriage clock used to cut part of the clock housing so that people could see the spring driven parts and how they worked to keep the time. The carriage clock was often used on a night stand in the bedroom as some people still do today. With an antique furnished bedroom, this is the perfect compliment to this room in your home as well. If you are fortunate enough to have an original carriage clock, you will find they will run for eight days when wound fully.

This kind of clock is a great choice for adding to any home. Whether you have an original carriage clock or a fine reproduction, you’ll want to keep it safe. If you don’t have a mantel available in your home, you may want to think about putting the clock on a special shelf, or behind glass in your curio cabinet. That’ll keep it safe and dust free. No matter where you decide to put it, however, it’s sure to add beauty to your home.

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