What’s in an Entrance Mat?

What's in an Entrance Mat?
by Bart Icles

Preventing dirt, grime, and water to enter your door can be a feat that seems to be impossible to accomplish when using your normal, day to day outdoor entrance mats. About 85 percent of all the dirt in your home or office comes from the footwear of even you and the other occupants sharing the space with you. Maintenance costs addressing this problem can skyrocket if not prevented, costs that should have been or can be allotted to other more important needs.

Your office equipment and home appliances can also malfunction to the point of being irreparable because of the dust being accumulated in your workplace or in your home. You can also get sick since a lot of people, aware or unaware, are allergic to dust or some particles of it. Putting all these into consideration, keeping both your business and home in pristine condition should be one of your top priorities.

Wilde Mats and Matting, Inc., under the leadership of its founder and Chief Executive Officer Ericka Wilde, placed all these things into consideration when they developed their extensive line of entrance floor mats specifically designed to battle dirt, grime, and dust which could result in skyrocketing maintenance costs that no one would enjoy spending.

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Their product line includes a wide variety of entrance/outdoor mats, namely the Rubber Brush, the Super and Safety Scrape Mats, the Brush Hog Outdoor Mat, the Traction Hog Anti-Slip Mat, the Grand Premier Oval Mat, the Waterhog Classic Mat, the Wayfarer Vinyl Loop, the Wayfarer Pool and Locker Room Mat, the Waterhog Eco Premier Door Mat (which is a recycled product), the Heat Trak Snow Melt Mat, the Waterhog Premier, and the Heat Trak Carpeted Outdoor Snow Melt Door Mat. These mats work best when paired with its line of indoor commercial floor mats since they can give any home or business the best protection.

The outdoor or entrance mats developed by the Wilde Mats and Matting team of experts are not only effective in battling all the dirt and grime that can possibly contaminate your home and/or your business, they are also built from the most durable materials and are also aesthetically designed. They come in different designs and colors which would surely fit any interior design. They are also very good buys since not only will they keep your home and business spic and span, they will also be able to reduce and even eradicate the illnesses brought about by the bacteria and the allergens that dirt, dust, and grime might cause.

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