Baby Nursery Decoration On a Budget

Baby Nursery Decoration On a Budget
by B. Fraley

Having a baby is a time when you are going to be practically delirious with excitement. There is going to be a lot to do when you want to prepare for your baby’s arrival, and part of this preparation is going to be getting the nursery set up.

Decorating is a lot of fun, but too many people find it to be expensive as well. What you need to do is to decorate without overspending, so make sure that when you go ahead to work on your child’s nursery that you consider what your options are going to be.

To get started, you are going to need to set a budget. This is not fun, but if you want to avoid overspending, it is essential. Before you even put pen down on paper, you’ll find that it is going to help to figure out what kind of nursery items you need and what you can expect to pay for them. Head out and write down some prices from the places where you want to shop.

Remember that you should write down some basic prices and then some high end prices. This can go a long way towards helping you plan out what you need. Also take a look at the must have items below. This can tell you a lot about what your options are going to be and what you can afford to spend.

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Must Have Items for the Nursery

1) A place for your baby to sleep. Choose between either a crib or a bassinet.

2) Three or more sets of baby bedding. Look for bedding that is soft, comfortable and matches the nursery theme.

3) A changing table where you can store diapers and where your baby will be safe and clean.

4) A rocking chair. This is going to be a comfortable place for you to sit when you want to rock your baby to sleep.

5) Grooming and hygiene things. This list will include things like brushes, baby powder, cotton balls and nail clippers, just for a start.

6) A diaper bag. Diaper bags are an essential item if you ever want to leave the home. Look for a bag that will carry everything that you need and that is quite tough.

7) Several lamps. Having lamps around will allow you to adjust the light for different task and you can avoid having a glaring overhead lamp when you want something dimmer.

If your budget allows you can add to this list. If you are on a limited budget, however, you may consider purchasing some items used. The best items to purchase used are the furniture for your nursery, like the crib, dresser, play table and chairs.

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