What The GURUs Won’t Tell You Is Keeping You Poor!

by StopMakingOthersRich.com

Thousands of people who were poor only 3-5 years ago are now rich and you can be too with very little work on your part……̷;you seen their stories on the internet! Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy too? Don’t get me wrong it can be done, but not their way. Unless you like a 90% failure rate staring you in the face. To be successful in any business venture requires work, training, commitment and a Global Mentor. You should be building financial freedom along side your Global Mentor.

Are you willing to commit to learning a system to change your life forever? Are you willing to put in the effort that it will take become your own boss? If you answered yes, congratulations you understand that this journey will take effort. The system you should be searching for will have cutting edge technology to make your journey as easy as possible and keep you ahead of the competition.

If you are going to be Building Financial Freedom, you will have set backs and you will see obstacles. This is why your mentor is critical to assisting you in over coming those obstacles and get back on the path to succeeding. If you find the person, they will speed up your journey to success and reduce the cost to get there.

You have not started a home business? What are you waiting for? Never in the history of mankind has there been a better opportunity to become financially free. Your challenge will be, How do you learn how to make money before you go broke. You see there SOOOOOOO many gimmics, misrepresentations, and out right lies on the internet that you could easily spend 10s of thousands of dollars trying to figure this out.

A financial planner will be able to show you what your retirement picture is going to look like. If you do not have multiple streams of income set up an coming in past your retirement years, then you are doing something wrong. Take the action to find your system and make it happen.

If you really want to succeed you need to track your income verses your expenses. This is probably your first and most important task, but none of the so called experts are talking about this because it requires work to teach you these techniques. I will bet that you are like most Americans and do not have a tax reduction strategy nor do you financial planner, tax accountant, business structuring agent or book keeper. You see if you want to create your Wealth Building Machine, then you need to learn about money and how business structuring will assist in this field.

I have spent hundreds of hours searching on the internet for a system that teaches people how to effectively track income Vs expenses, how to earn money with multiple streams of income and one that teaches the fundamentals of online marketing and I have never found one. It is not enough to make money, you must be able to manage money and get your money working hard for you as well.

Most of the mentors or up line characters are over their heads. They do not have effective systems in place to assist new members and current members in reaching maximum success Do not settle for mediocrity as this is your future you are building.

Hold your mentor accountable or get a new one. They should be teaching you how to use out sourcing sites to make your fortune. The sad fact is that most up line or mentors have no knowledge of outsourcing. So what good are they to you? Not much.

Your journey to building financial freedom starts today. Do not procrastinate for it is the generations that follow you that will pay the higher price. Make your decision to be free and make it happen. It comes down to the choice you make!

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