How to Effectively Deep Clean Carpets

To buy a carpet may be easy but the real job begins when we need to maintain it, which in a way is quite though. Loads of Time and efforts are necessary to maintain the good condition of the carpet. Over time, carpets collect dust as also germs and so carpet cleaning is necessary at regular intervals. Stormy winds bring in allergens and dust, and also some food or drink may be spilled on the carpet from time to time. For all this, one may think that vacuuming the carpet will do the job. But this notion is wrong. By just vacuuming we may get rid of maybe a few of the dust particles, but deep carpet cleaning is essential to clean the carpet of stains, contaminants, pollutants, and even dog hair if a person has one.

In every 12 to 18 months the Carpets require rigorous cleaning. Deep cleaning will not only clean the carpet thoroughly, but will also increase the life of the carpet as it reduces its wear and tear. Deep carpet cleaning will give us the desired result of a brand new looking carpet with its colors intact. As deep carpet cleaning is a rigorous process it may not be possible for everyone to do it at home by himself or herself. Here the question arises

How does a person go about deep cleaning his carpet?

Professionals can always help one out. We can look up for various carpet cleaning firms on the Internet. But it is best to find through a reference from a family member or through friends and neighbors.

One should always be aware of the five methods of carpet cleaning, but in the end take a professionals advice as he knows best.

The five different methods of carpet cleaning are as follows:

Dry extraction: This method of carpet cleaning is basically for sturdy carpets. This method utilizes an absorbent containing special solvents and detergents for carpets. Using special machines, this absorbent is infused in the carpet so that practically every strand of the carpet can be cleaned. Just like a magnet this absorbent will attract soil and dust particles lodged in the carpet and then they can be easily removed by using a vacuum cleaner.

Dry foam extraction: Like the name suggests, in this method professionals use foam, which is produced by applying a detergent solution, which will then be applied to the carpet. As in the earlier method, the foam will act like a magnet, attracting dust, dirt and soil particles, which can then be removed by a vacuum cleaner. This method works well for woolen carpets.

Hot water extraction: This is the most easiest method of carpet cleaning, which can also be carried out at home. This method, also known a steam cleaning, it uses hot water for extraction of dirt. But hot water cannot be directly. Firstly the soiled areas of the carpet need to be conditioned and then the cleaning solution should be infused in the carpet by using a specially designed hot water extraction machine. This loosens the dirt particles and helps in removing them.

Rotary shampoo: A classic carpet cleaning method, mostly by professionals to clean the carpets. In this method a machine is used which has rotary bushes, which injects a solution in the carpet, this removes the loosened particles of dirt.

Absorbent pad: This is the last method of carpet cleaning and this is one method, which definitely should not be tried out at home. Professionals use a specially designed machine, which has absorbent spin pads. These absorb all the particles from the carpet.

If a person decides to maintain his carpet at home, be to avoid using soaps and detergents, as they are sure to cause irreparable damage to the carpet. There are special carpet shampoos available in the market, which should be used. There are even carpet-type specific shampoos available. One should always follow the manufacturers’ instructions for carpet cleaning which are always given when the carpet is bought. To get the best results, we should follow the pre-deep cleaning steps. First, vacuum cleans the carpet. Then we need to use a solution called pre-conditioning solution, which is a form of a mild detergent. This will help in loosening the dust and soil particles and make the rest of the deep cleaning process easier.

But finally, the instructions given by the carpet manufacturer will give us the best advice as to which carpet cleaning method is best suited for one’s carpet.

Seomul Evans is a copywriter for The Steam Team, an Austin Carpet Cleaning The Steam Team. The company specializes in Austin Carpet Cleaning.

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