Double Glazed Windows – How Do I Choose?

by Neil A Kemp

The question for most individuals looking to exchange single with glazed units is why should I bother. On the face of it the answer is fairly apparent but when thinking of upgrading your your windows to there is a lot you need to bear in mind. Some exchange there windows because the old ones are rotting and others want to save a few pound on heating bills which have of late spiralled out of control. No matter what your reason is it’s a good idea to look at all the gains before spending our hard earned cash.

Although we don’t often think of our windows being dangerous single can be lethal if they are broken by a flying object such as a rock or brick. They do not break cleanly and usually shatter into many shards some of which can be very long and sharp. The sharp pieces of glass can be thrown many feet from the original impact point and can easily injure anyone standing nearby. Double glazed units are unbelievably difficult to break and even when they do with the advent of safety glass being fitted they are much safer as the glass doesn’t shatter.

When it comes to the security of your home sadly single glazed units don’t offer you very much security from a thief or burglar. The single glazed frame can be removed in it’s entirety or the glass can easily be smashed enabling the burglar to gain access to your home very easily. When combined with windows that don’t have a locking mechanism it leaves your home vulnerable to attack. Double glazed units have many anti burglar devices built in. The glass is much harder to break, the frames are stronger and they come fitted with security locks on the windows as standard.

Considering the cost of energy these days is so high and takes a large chunk out of your household budget anything that can help reduce this burden has to be helpful. On of the worst culprits for losing energy from a house is single glazing. Single glazing is very inefficient and when compared to which can save you as much as 50% of the energy lost the choice is clear. It’s even possible to recoup the money spent on double glazing your house within the lifetime of the windows. This is particularly true if you spend just a little bit more and invest in energy efficient glass to be fitted.

Before deciding whether you should get double glazing consider these additional advantages over single glazing. The style and choice of look is staggering no matter what your neighbourhood or conservation area requirements are you will be able to find a look that will fit in perfectly and not look out of place. The color of frame can be chosen from a wide assortment and will be sure to blend in. If necessary instead of PVCu which requires little or no maintenance you could opt for the conventional timber frame. The advantage of timber frames is that they look great and generally fit in much better than UPVc. Although Aluminium is still available as a choice not many people pick it these days.

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