Decorating With A Boy in Mind

Decorating With A Boy in Mind
by Forest Talbot

Whether he has outgrown the nursery or perhaps developed a very strong interest in a particular subject, the idea of re-decorating a boy’s room can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. This is one of those decorating projects where you want strong individual input and you will not be too concerned over the impact on other family members or on visitors. This will be his room and his wishes concerning the dcor will be paramount.

You will need to figure out what theme you will be completely the new dcor in. This can actually either be very tough, or simple. Your child will most likely have many types of interests. But try and see what their absolute favorite is and change the theme to this style. It may be a cartoon they absolutely love, or even a movie that they want to see again and again. Books are another good way to come up with a new theme idea.

You may run into the problem of it being harder to decide on what theme the room should be in. In that case you should go and find maybe a favorite color of your boys, or something else that may well be used for a theme. Than you will need to check what kinds of furnishings you want to add into the room.

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When you have figured out the theme you can now go and clear out the room and begin buying the new items. Not the bed of course, since your child will still be sleeping in the room but the other wall hangings from the old theme and all that. Remember if you can to include your child in this step too they may find a perfect picture that goes great with the theme.

If the theme is the jungle, the walls can be painted jungle colors, wallpaper borders can be jungle themes, jungle animals can cover his bedspread and his area rug could be a leopard.

With a theme like sports, his walls can be covered in college and professional player posters, his lamp can be a football, his rug can be a gridiron.

You have too many themes that will be possible to do the boys room in, so you most likely will have several different ways that you can go about adding to the theme and decor of the room.

A unique idea is to have your little guy paint on a wall, this will be their own addition to the room, and will surely bring in their personality. Plus it will be an excellent way to let out some of his creative juices. Or go and have a football field placed on the wall with a picture of your little guy running down the field. Either way it will add nicely to the room.

Planning a room with your growing boy will be fun for all of you, and it will also allow your child to get a look that is one of a kind.

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