Double Glazing – Why Bother?

by Neil A Kemp

Before spending a small fortune on replacing our tired and tatty single glazed units it’s worth asking ourselves why are we going to do it? is a large financial investment why should we bother. If your current are in disrepair then you actually have no choice at all and the decision has been made for you. However, even if your current windows are still serviceable there are still many good reasons why you may wish to change them for double glazed units anyway. Energy efficiency and saving on heating costs has to be one of the main reasons most people finally decide to change.

Although we don’t often think of our windows being dangerous single glazed windows can be lethal if they are broken by a flying object such as a stone or brick. They do not break cleanly and usually shatter into many shards some of which can be very long and sharp. The sharp bits of can be thrown many feet from the original impact point and can easily injure anyone standing nearby. Double glazed units are incredibly difficult to break and even when they do with the advent of safety glass being fitted they are much safer as the glass doesn’t shatter.

Wooden frames and single glazed units don’t offer much security against a break in. Burglars can easily either break the single glazed unit with a hammer or in some cases even take out the entire to gain access to your . When combined with windows that are easily opened there is not much to deter the determined thief. Double glazed frames are much stronger and will resist even the most determined thief. When combined with good quality window locks your home will be much safer with modern double glazing.

Now that the cost of heating a home is rising steeply many people are looking for ways to conserve energy and thereby reducing their heating costs. The elderly fashioned single glazed windows are very energy inefficient. They allow a lot of heat from your to leak out to the outside and if the window is large can leave an uncomfortable cold spot in a room. The answer is to fit double glazing this can help you save as much as 45% of the energy lost to the outside. Fitting modern energy efficient glass can give you even bigger savings as the windows are coated to enable heat to be kept inside the home.

Before deciding whether you should get double glazing consider these additional advantages over single glazing. The style and choice of look is staggering no matter what your neighbourhood or conservation area requirements are you will be able to find a look that will fit in perfectly and not look out of place. The colour of frame can be chosen from a wide variety and will be sure to blend in. If necessary instead of PVCu which requires little or no maintenance you could opt for the conventional timber frame. The advantage of timber frames is that they look great and generally fit in much better than UPVc. Although Aluminium is still available as a choice not many individuals pick it these days.

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