Different Types of Baby Monitors and How to Compare Them

by Del Ball

A baby monitor is a very useful device for modern parents. Such a device allows you to check on your child̵;s even when you are doing other things at a certain distance or outside the room. It not only saves you a lot of time burden, but it also keeps you at ease knowing that your precious one is safe even at a distance.

Audio monitors allow you to hear the activities of your child (ex: crying) as they pick up sound. This type comes in both analog as well as digital models. The analog monitors are the most affordable but are usually still reliable. They work through the radio frequency and use FM signals to transmit the sound.

On the other hand, the digital model may cost a little more but it provides more privacy and usually has a wider of reception than analog. Another advantage is that the digital models do not have as much static and they give a clearer sound quality so you can hear your baby better.

Video monitors allow you to see and hear your child by combining sound and video just like miniature TV sets. They use a small camera either mounted on the wall, table or crib to transmit the images into the LCD display. They are usually portable and come with multiple cameras and even night vision.

Sensory monitors detect the baby̵;s slightest movements even during sleep. It fits under the mattress of the baby and alarms you when the baby stops moving or is absolutely still for 20 seconds. Some models available also come with audio monitors installed.

In chosing a baby monitor, you may want to spend whatever it takes, since this is your child̵;s safety. In that case both a video and sensory monitor be best.

I always recommend to buy the highest quality baby monitor that you can find that has been rated by Consumer Reports and his the longest signal, since the signal is is going to alert you. You cannot afford to cut corners when buying a baby monitor.

Always remember that whether you prefer an audio, video or sensory monitor, the clarity of sound and video of your unit should be of very good quality for you to effectively monitor your child. Whatever model you may choose, the most important aspects to consider is that your choice must certainly cater to your needs, fit your budget and most especially provide you with a good avenue to watch out for your baby̵;s safety.

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