Some Pointers in Stocking Food in Food Storage

Some Pointers in Stocking Food in Food Storage
by Greg Shuey

The key to surviving calamities and crisis is preparation. It is then ideal that we have food storage as well as other basic necessities wed be needing such as clothing and medicines in times of crisis. Having an adequate supply of these will ensure our survival through most rough times.

When preparing food storage, you must remember that only the basic items are needed. You dont want to stock up on foods that will not sustain you and your family for a long time. You should also take into consideration the nutritional value of what you put in there. Dont include stuff that doesnt have health benefits. Remember, during times of crisis, you may be subjected to the elements, making you prone to illnesses.

Store staple foods. Include rice, oats, grains, cereals, crackers, even biscuits. You can also put canned and ready-to-eat foods. Those that dont require cooking will prove to be convenient when the time comes.

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Make sure that you have a supply of clean water. Water lines may be cut during disasters, leaving you with no clean drinking water. Make sure that you have enough supply for the entire family. To effectively plan your calamity plan, make a list. This will guide you in your preparation for the tough times. By having all the things necessary listed down, youll know what you already and dont have. You will also be able to choose which ones can be let go in case theres not enough room in your storage. It will also help you identify what not to store.

One thing you must not include is easily-perishable foods like bread, fruits, and vegetables. Food storages are kept for a long time. They will only be taken out when there is a need to use it. If you put such types of food, they will just rot inside your storage.

Also, dont stock up on junk foods. These have no nutritional value. In times of crisis, you need all the nutrients you can get”something you cant get from junk foods.

You dont need to store spices and other cooking supplements because they will just take up space. You cant drink cooking oil or soy sauce; you cant eat salt or pepper so make sure that you do not include this. It is very likely that you wont be doing any cooking in times of crisis.

These simple pointers must be kept in mind to ensure your survival. Having properly-prepared food storage will up your chances of making it through a crisis.

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