Take care of your roses

by james i Greene

Roses are very beautiful flowers loved by many people across the world, the rose has always been a symbol of love and affection.With the sweet smell and the beautiful flowers these plants produce it is quite impossible not to have some type of rose plant in your garden.

PHC is a strategy of keeping roses stress free by different factors allowing the growth and maintenece of the plant.The results of PHC is that rose bushes in a healthy condition are less likely to get infested by insects and diseases than other plants under stress.

Roses need to be watered daily at least for the first 20 days after planting them. To ensure that the rose grow healthily you must put fertilizers at regular time intervals. You can buy fertilizers on which the roses feed from at your nearest nursery. Plant roses with the crown about 1 inch below the soil level,gradually filling in and around it with more soil while gently tamping it down. Again, be careful not to break the root ball and keep the crown uncovered. It will look like the rose is in a funnel-shaped depression.

The rewards for all your hard work done can be beautiful flowers which can be cut and also enjoyed inside. Care should be taken not to damage the stems of the rose when removing flowers. First year roses should be allowed to bloom without being pruned too much. After the rose bush matures the flowers can then be pruned regularly.

If you plan to plant many rose varieties in your garden bed, then do not plant them all next to each other. Roses will grow better if you can maintain a proper distance between the plants. In early spring plant bare root roses, and transplant young roses if needed. Check soil pH and add lime if pH is below 6.5. Prune established roses to shape the bushes, remove dead or damaged leaves and up the interior to allow for good air circulation.

I have a few climbers and when all the frosts have gone i prune the old stems down as this helps new stronger shoots to form. Sometimes i will find a little fungal disease and i’ll spray the plant while dormant.Most gardeners will use fertilizer on rose plants normally thoughtout the months until September.

Around the middle of check your rose plants for unwanted visitors,slugs are a big threat to rose plants so put some pellets down that normally clears them quickly.If you have other insects on the plant give it a good spraying with a systemic insecticide this will help the plant to grow much better ,if you find new shoots at the rootstock remove them.

If you live in a cold climate and grow Roses that are not completely hardy in your area, you may wish to protect them for the winter by mounding soil or compost around the base of the plants after the ground freezes, and then adding evergreen boughs. Climbing Roses may be detached from their supports, laid down on the ground and covered with soil to get them through the winter. This procedure is viable only on the smaller climbers, but does work well with shorter Roses grown on pillars.

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