Know Google Adsense

by Hass67

Many newbies think that joining Google is the easiest way to make money online. No doubt, Google will pay you when visitor to your site clicks on an Adsense ad. But for every 100 visitors, you may not get more than 20-30 clicks on the Adsense Ads.

Moreover, the earnings per click will be like a few cents. In order to make a few thousand dollars each month using , you need to develop a lot of traffic to your site. Most of that traffic will get wasted.

Simply putting Adsense ads on your site does not make you any money. You need traffic. How to get massive traffic to your site? Getting traffic is not easy. Getting traffic is the most important thing a new internet marketer should learn.

So you are not able to get enough traffic? You will come across sites that will tell you in order to make money with Adsense you need to focus on niches where earnings per click are good. What are those niches? These are niches like Credit Repair, Mortgage and Student Loan. Advertisers like to pay up to $10-20 per click on Google Adwords.

Hey, these advertisers are paying this money for getting a click on the Adwords Search. Many will pay $2-5 only when advertising on Google Content Network. Google Adsense is the content network.

Many know that traffic on the content network is not targeted, so they dont bid high on the content network. Most of the money, Google keeps as its commission before it pays you. Google never likes to tell how much its percentage is. It only says the payment to publishers is fair.

So how much you get? You only get between $ 0.5-1 for each click. Most of these niches are highly competitive. You wont be able to get good traffic. So you wont get many clicks on Adsense Ads.

So why would you want to waste traffic with Adsense when you can get a much higher payout by displaying affiliate products using affiliate programs like Clickbank, Commission Junction etc?

You can also use CPA Marketing. People make a lot of money with CPA Marketing. CPA companies can pay you $2-5 for getting a form with two to three fields filled. Even for getting a zip code submitted, these networks pay you like $2.

You never know Google people. Google can suddenly terminate your Adsense account for no reason by simply accusing you of clicking on the ads yourself. Can you appeal? No, there is no appeal to the Adsense termination notice.

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