The Unique World of LBL

by James G. Pynn

The name means everything, especially when it comes to the elements that make up a room or a home, for that matter. Superior quality, bold design and perfect light are essential to accentuating any space. A truly fixture is only a click away. will always give you that special something that delivers.

Th richly saturated fixtures at are forged from the highest quality glasses, metals and electronics. They have based their lighting philosophy on three essential traits: beauty, originality, and quality. Each fixture must find a balance between these qualities, accentuating the room and the light and adding to the overall beauty of the room.

From its humble origins as a family business, LBL has since merged with the powerfully innovative Encompass Lighting Group. LBL Lighting has played upon the delicate interplay of glass, light, and art for close to 40 years. Their unique fixtures have been featured in unique, one-of-a-kind environments as well as family homes and bedrooms.

An essential wing of the EL Group, LBL is proud to be partnered with such lighting luminaries as Tech Lighting, Wilmette Lighting, ELEMENT, and T~trak. If the company you keep is indicative of the quality you strive towards, then LBL is indeed in good company. Based out of Chicago, Illinois, the EL Group is known for its precision fixtures, superb materials, innovative design, and customizable capabilities.

A pair of Levi’s jeans is a pair of Levi’s jeans. In much the same manner, an LBL fixture is an LBL fixture. Although generic drugs may be comparable to name brands, there is no such correlation in the lighting . When it comes to , generic or no-name fixtures seldom get the job. The name means everything. For most clients, the name brand is a reflection of the time and money invested in any given room, home, or business.

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