Installed Security Lighting Yet – Installation is Easy!

by Keith Markensen

In addition to the benefits of lighting your backyard landscaping, you should also consider the importance of providing lights for security. Security lighting is not on all night long. Instead, it uses motion detectors to engage the lights when something in your yard moves.

When the lights turn on, you will know to check your yard for intruders. Also, when a potential thief sees the lights, they will likely flee. They would have to be very brave or stupid to try to break in when neighbors or the homeowners themselves would be able to clearly see them.

Hopefully you live in a safe enough area where this isn’t a major concern, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even if you are not worried about intruders, it can be helpful to have motion sensitive lights to help guide your way to your door on a dark night.

If you don’t want to use motion sensing lights, but still want to light your home at night, you can use dusk-to-dawn outdoor lighting. These lights use photocells to turn on the lights once the sunlight begins to fade.

This works great to give the impression you are home, even if you are not. This can work well to highlight in your garden, or for anything that you think should be highlighted all of the time, even at night. You will not have to worry about turning the lights on every night, or wasting energy by forgetting to turn them off during the day.

Outdoor lighting can be both functional stylish. Your security lights can be in the form of lanterns on a post or a wall, or even lamps along a pathway. Don’t be afraid to use the creativity and style you in the rest of your landscape in your plans for low voltage yard lights. The lights themselves should look nice, but they will also enhance the areas where the lights shine.

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