The Ins And Outs Of Home Decorating: What’s Your Style?

The Ins And Outs Of Home Decorating: What's Your Style?
by Howard Ronan

There are three major styles in home decorating. These styles determine the design theme, colors and even the personality of the homeowner.

In this article we take a look the basic home decorating styles, which usually overlap one over the other these days since mix and match is so ‘in.’

To begin with, home owners need to understand that at times, it is not the big pieces of branded fixtures or pricey soft decorating items that make a home. In addition to the large stuff, a home also comprises of the tiny, delicate touches home-owners can provide to their special spaces.

Next is the Casual style. A contrast to the first decorating method, this one is homely. The interiors detect a relaxed and comfortable ambiance. Snug and lush furnishings abound and colors are brighter as opposed to the Traditional style’s darker hues. Personalized items such as family photos, souvenir items and funky ornaments adorn the living space. A shag rug is an ideal decor for this casual setting.

Decors need not be expensive. With so many alternatives, one can easily buy cheaper items with a similar design as the pricey decors. The sources too are not just limited to department stores and major retail outlets. Thrift shops, yard sales and flea markets offer a variety of goods. With a sharp eye for unique pieces, you can get a lot more value for a fair price .

Additionally, you can get the newest, most practical information about many kinds of home decor styles from online and print design magazines that cater to encouraging hobbyist house decorators devoted to beginning interior upgrades, within budgets and short timelines too.

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The limitless selections for home decorating can be quite overwhelming. How can one resist attractive, accessible and affordable goods? An important thing to remember is to know your own style. Create a home interior that reflects your personality and choose the things that you really like, not just because you found it in a magazine or it is the cheapest item around. Your home should reflect YOU. Decorations that have a story or a connection to you will never fail to bring warmth to the place and joy to you. And they will certainly not be defined as expendable items.

With all these in mind, home decorating can be easier and much more fun. Three styles dominate home decorating. These define the approaches homeowners use in spicing up their place.

Learn and choose the kind of decorating method best for your home-decor assignment from those given below!

First style is traditional decorating. The furnishings are classic pieces that primarily boast of sophisticated and mostly, old-fashioned design. Persian and Oriental area rugs are associated with this classic decorating style, as well as priceless antiques.

Second is the casual style, which expresses comfort. The laid-back approach is simple and cozy accentuated with decors in neutral and earth tones. Because of the comfort factor, most furniture have soft and lush texture, such as a snug sofa, ultra soft cushions and comfy area rugs. The casual style also reflects a familial atmosphere with lots of family photos, personalized items and souvenirs.

Contemporary decorating style completes the list. If this design were a person, it would be the busy executive juggling appointments in his Blackberry, notebook and multiple mobile phones driving his sports car around a bustling city that he calls home. This style is modern, hip and current. The fixtures are sleek, the materials made of stainless steel and glass, and the colors monochromatic, usually in black and white. A minimalist approach is also favored. An area rug with geometric patterns or one that is in black and white is a sought-after item.

Figure out which one describes your personal space personality best so you can combine the best home decor tips with ease and style after integrating your personal tastes with tips given by interior design experts.

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