From Your Hobbies to a California Craft Fair

From Your Hobbies to a California Craft Fair
by Sive Iver

Wouldnt you like to be paid for something you love to do? Most of us have been working for as long as we can remember. We work to pay our expenses and our bills, not even wondering if we love what we are doing.

Beautiful thing are appreciated by everyone and buy thing because of its beauty. Any hobby that we love to do will create a beautiful item. It is something we have lovingly created therefore would be appreciated by others.

In order to sell the crafts that we have made we will need to display them. The best place to have this done is at the California Craft show. You can check online the schedule of craft shows or fairs in your area. This site will give you the date, location and other information you will need. This is an easy and one click site to get all the information you will need.

After you have decided on the date and location of your crafts show or display, it is now time to gather other basic information. Basic information like how much is the fee to display your product? Will you be provided with a table and chair; is this included in your fee?

Event organizers will provide additional information online like if it is a juried or non-juried type of craft show or how they will promote the show. They will also give the different products that are expected to display or how many attendees are expected to attend. If this does not show online you can also ask you event organizers.

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