Getting A Good Return On Your Decorating Dollar

Getting A Good Return On Your Decorating Dollar
by Neil Donovan

The bathroom is NOT just a bathroom. Beyond its practicalities, it is a closely scrutinized part of the house. It’s not a shocker then to know from experienced real estate agents that the bathroom plays a significant role in creating an impression on possible homebuyers. Decorating the bathroom can be considered an investment for the possibility of selling your house. You would want your place to be marketable and one way to up its value is to have an impressive bathroom.

Since the bathroom plays such an important role in the eyes of prospective buyers and guests to your home, it is important to keep that area stylistically current. The good news here is that periodic updates of the bathroom do not have to be terribly expensive and the return on your redecorating investment is very high, as much as 90%. Because the room is usually smaller, expenses like paint and area rugs will be proportionately cheaper than for other rooms in the home. And the smaller area makes the decorating improvements that much more noticeable and dramatic.

However, if money is not really a problem and you want to invest to make your home more marketable, renovating the bathroom can be done with the increase of a Jacuzzi, new countertop and bathtub. A new floor and wall tiles, and a new paint will also do wonders for the complete transformation of the bathroom.

The most looked at item in the bathroom is the mirror. Replace that dated gilt-edged, oval mirror with an innovativLearn Interior Decoratinge , full-size mirror that covers the entire width of the countertop area. Consider placing lights around the mirror like dressing room lighting. Replacing the countertop with a low maintenance stone or stone-look product is not that expensive. The vanity could be repainted in bright, light-reflecting colors to brighten the room. Change the drawer pull and door handle hardware. If the bath area has a linen closet, paint the doors a different color than the wall color scheme. Change the door hardware here, also.

Of course, what’s a bathroom without the necessities like a shower curtain, toilet paper holder, shower head, towel rack, etc.? Make sure that these are in tip-top shape. A shower curtain barely holding on in its rod is a turn-off. Small details are more noticeable in a compact space like the bathroom, so ensure that everything, big and small are in order.

Most bathroom floors are made of tiles, a rather cold and ordinary flooring. Adding an area rug can boost the comfort level with a warm and soft mat for our feet. An area rug can also prevent wet footprints on the floor thus, preventing slipping accidents at the same time. Use an area rug that goes well with the color of the bathroom. Lighter fabrics are recommended but if you want to add elegance, you can place a more lush rug. Without a doubt, an area rug in the bathroom can make the space look more appealing.

Many neglect the bathroom window, paying no attention to the small opening. But accenting it with a nice window treatment like a thin curtain or colorful window blinds can add to the over-all look of the room.

If a bathroom is well-designed and taken care of, what more will the other areas of the house look like? This leaves a positive impression on prospective homebuyers and houseguests. Keeping the design updated will also make the house stylish. What better way to make a statement than with a chic bathroom?

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