Are you going to wait until you are 65 to enjoy your life??

Are you going to wait until you are 65 to enjoy your life??
by Stop Making Others Rich

Your procrastination is robbing your children, grand children, great grand children …. It is up to you to break the cycle of working everyday for a Corporation, Owning your own business without true leverage and / or working for someone else. As long as you stay in this cycle you will always be disadvantaged when it comes to reaching Financial Freedom. The income earned between the wealthy and middle class across the Globe is widening and your window of opportunity is closing with each passing day. When will you decide to take action.

What is the true price of procrastination? Did you know that 20% of US identify themselves as procrastinators? This is amazing when you really sit down and look at the true costs of this “Wealth Robber”. Yes, procrastination robs you of your greatness. It keeps you in the same position in life, while at the same time keeps you frustrated with your daily life.

Did you know that 330 people are turning 60 years hold every hour! This is bad news for you. This means that a large part of the tax paying base is retiring and your taxes are going to have to go up. Not only are taxes going up but other costs will now increase as well. By now you have seen your utilities go up, your fuel bill go up, your food bills go up and on and on. So in reality you are taking a cut in salary. Are you ready to take action and work towards your Wealth Building and achieving Financial Freedom? Time is running out.

You need to find Your Why. Find a reason to motivate yourself to take action. For most the thought of spending more time with your family and less time playing corporate games is enough motivation. While others will need to find their Why. You see no matter what you do in life you will have challenges and your Why must be big enough for you to overcome those challenges and not quit.

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Just having decided to succeed and knowing why you wish to succeed is not enough. You will need to find a mentor and life coach that will teach you how to bypass the obstacles that you will encounter. Your life coach will be able to show you systems that work and work well. Make sure your life coach is internet and software savvy, if they are not….RUN AWAY. No sense in learning old methods that have been milked for all they are worth. You want cutting edge technology working for you.

There are many methods to focus your self for success. My favorite is to make a list of your biggest time wasters These are the things in your life that do not make you money and you do because there is nothing else to do. Yes TV is the big one. Put in it on the list of things to stop doing until you have reached Financial Freedom. Then make a list of 15 to 20 items that you will do when you reach your Wealth Building goals. This second list will be the list the that keeps you focused. Make sure to put a date on each item and hold yourself accountable.

You will also need to do some research on Wealth Building opportunities. My advice is to stay away from Real Estate unless you have a good grasp on it already. Work on an opportunity that create leverage and offers you a good chance to replace your current income. Once you replaced your current income then you are no longer controlled by your boss or your corporation. Now you can decide things on your own terms. Stay with the company or move on to really building your Wealth Machine.

Remember that your Mentor will be the single most important factor in your success. There must be a system in place that is constantly evolving and teaching you on how to become your Financial Freedom. Once you reach this zone, you will look back and wonder why you did not do this before.

Take action now and build your families future.

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