How To Get Massive Back Links To Your Site? (Part I)

How To Get Massive Back Links To Your Site? (Part I)
by Hass67

A good link building strategy is must if you want your website to get good ranking by the search engines. Having a website is not enough. As long as your website is not thousands of back links from quality website, search engines are not going to take notice of your site.

Google Page Rank Algorithm determines the importance of a website by counting the number of back links that website gets from other popular site. You need a good link building strategy in order to start getting good ranking from Google.

Reciprocal link exchange was popular in the past. Google does not give much importance to reciprocal links in ranking now. Many Reciprocal Link Exchanges are popular. Then there is a method known as Three Way Link.

The only effective method in my opinion is to build one way back links to your site and that too thousands of them.

What type of strategy can help you in building thousands of back links from quality sites? The method that has been used right from the very start of online marketing to the present is to write quality articles that include links to your site.

Smart Home Technology

Article marketing is still the most popular link building method used by serious online marketers. This method still works and it will always work as long as people are looking for quality information online on different subjects.

The problem with this approach is this that if you submit the same article to different article directories, Google, Yahoo and MSN will treat it as duplicate content and give low value to the back links.

Article Marketing is a successful link building strategy that can take a few months to start giving results. The problem is how you will write different article for each directory.

Internet marketers have figured out a way around this method. They write three to four version of the same article and submit, spin them with software that generates hundreds of unique versions, they than use software to submit these unique versions to hundreds of directories and ezines.

I have tried many article submission services. After lots of testing, I found an Article Submission Service that submits unique versions of your articles to hundreds of directories automatically.

This article submission service is the best in my opinion. You can try it risk free for a month to see whether it works for you or not. It will submit hundreds of unique versions of your articles to hundreds of different directories automatically. Dont waste money on Google Adwords. Use this service to build long term traffic for your site.

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