How To Make Solar Panels

How To Make Solar Panels
by Dana Goldberg

The 21st century started with a lot of problems: global warming, smog and the economic crises. Everyone is trying to save money and woudl like to do something for the environment. Sure, you could go ahead and safe water or buy environment friendly bulbs. However, wouldn’t it be great if you could cut your electricity costs and at the same time do something for the environment?

The first step to beating a bad economy is finding ways to do efficient things that you really need — everyone needs power, so why not find an efficient way to get a source of energy that is already virtually unlimited?

Why not? Solar and wind energy are both the right way to go! They are the cleanest, most efficient forms of energy, and let’s face it. What’s cooler than being able to have all your power without a meter running against you? I know what you’re thinking — solar panels are so expensive to make and who wants to make a bulky windmill? Generally, you’d be right — these items can cost thousands of dollars, if you go the professional route, but what if someone showed you how to make them for just a fraction of that?

Do It Yourself Project

The manuals offered on the internet are easy to understand step by step guides. You will learn step by step how to build solar panels or windmills. You can even do it if you are not a technical gifted person. And there is another big advantage: as soon as your solar panels are installed and energy is produced, you can outsource all of the energy which is not needed by you and make some additional money. Doesn’t that sound great?

There is nothing you have to lose! By making your own solar panels and producing energy yourself, you are not only doing something against global warming, you will also save a lot of cash. Just imagine what you can do with all of the money saved by producing energy on your own! Go on your dream vacation, get a new flat TV, send your kids to college. You can do it!

What have you got to lose? You can be 10 years ahead technologically of your neighbors and the envy of your friends when, by saving over $1,000 a year, you can start getting rid of those credit cards, take a vacation, buy yourself a new entertainment system, take that vacation or save up to send your kids to college — it’s very possible with the money you will be saving on energy costs!

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