Growing Need Of Wood Splitter

Growing Need Of Wood Splitter
by Don Bethune

There are many wood based industries growing in the market. And along with the growth of these industries the need of wood is growing day by day. Thus the wood splitter is used for cutting the logs and wood in desired shape and size. The wood splitter is used by the wood based industry owner for the commercial purposes as well as by the home owners for residential purposes. Wood splitter provides you with lot of options to cut wood into desired shapes and sizes.

Commercially, the wood splitter is useful for both cutting and shaping wood. In construction it can be used to make wooden frames for doors and windows, build wooden furniture, and to do precision cutting, which saves time when finishing the wood.

When it comes to residential use of wood splitter; many of the homes have their own fireplace and in some homes, the members of the family make their own furniture and do the minor repairing work of their houses themselves. For all these purposes requirement of wood splitter is a must.Residential wood splitters are usually small in size used for minor workings.

One main difference among the many types of wood splitters available on the market. Both depend on the position of the wood on the splitter. When the wood must be placed horizontally, it is a horizontal wood splitter. A vertical wood splitter is of more use in hilly areas where it is easy to fix the position of the wood. In this case, the wood lies vertically.

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Another characteristic on which the wood splitters are classified is the source from which the wood splitter derive its power. The source may be electricity, manpower or other fuels such as gas etc.Electrical and the fuel based wood splitters saves a lot of time and manual power. Hydraulic wood splitter are are also used to complete the job quickly without using energy of the operator. Hydraulic wood splitter has tremendous amount of power to cut the wood precisely as well as quickly. The front and back pumping action of the sliding ram is utilized by the hydraulic wood splitter for the cutting purpose.

An axe consumes a lot of time and power compared to a wood splitter. However, because the splitter consists of a very sharp blade precautions must be taken by the operator. A helmet and gloves should be worn for safety, and the user should avoid wearing loose clothing.

One must be certain to be exact when measuring the amount of wood to be cut. 128 cubic feet of wood is a wood cord. A splitter allows the wood to be cut in terms of cord. Aside from this, measuring firewood can be difficult and must be exact. A complete firewood cord likewise includes the volume of 128 cubic feet. This means the log is 4 feet high, 4 feet wide, and 8 feet long.

Many accessories along with the wood splitter will help complete the process of cutting wood. These include stands, hydraulic jacks, chain saw accessories, firewood rack, ash vacuums, etc. In order to save time and energy, different types of wood splitters can be used to achieve different goals. Typically hydraulic wood splitter are considered common for commercial purposes whereas homeowners generally use manual wood splitters.

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