5 Reasons for Choosing Cedar when Buying an Outdoor Swing

by Mycroft Finlayson

Relaxing on an is the perfect way to spend a summer evening. Whether you do so alone or with a family member or friend, it is exceptionally good way to relax and unwind from a day at work and enjoy the warmth and fresh air. If you are considering purchasing and outdoor porch swing for your , you will want to consider . It is the number one option for quality, durability and above all comfort. Consider the following five for a cedar product.

#1 Durability – Many types of wood, when exposed to the sun, rain, cold and heat they way a porch swing is, cracks and/or rots. These woods must be treated with chemicals in order to preserve them. Cedar, on the other hand does not. It is a wood that contains its own natural protection through natural oils and chemicals that preserve and strengthen the wood. Light weight and durable, a outdoor porch swing made of cedar will outlast any other swing made with another material.

#2 Comfort – Cedar is a wood product that provides exceptional comfort when used for porch or swings. It naturally maintains an even, cool temperature even when exposed to the heat of the summer sun. Furthermore, Cedar does not shrink and swell with a change in temperature and stays flat regardless of the weather. You will not see any warping and the seat surface will remain smooth and even.

#3 Natural Insect Repellent – The very same oils and chemicals that keep Cedar from cracking and warping also have the added benefit of repelling insects. We may enjoy the pleasant of aroma but insects do not. That is why they make chests of cedar in which to store woolens as it is a natural moth repellent. You can relax on your cedar porch swing knowing you won’t be bother by bugs.

#4 Ecologically Friendly – The chemicals used to treat most outdoor often present a health hazard to those using it. They are needed to help preserve the furniture from the effects of the weather and must be applied regularly. Cedar, on the other hand, does not need to be treated with preservatives and protectorants. It is naturally occurring. An outdoor porch swing made of cedar is a product that protects the environment and the owner.

#5 Natural Beauty – In addition to all the previous benefits of buying an outdoor swing made of cedar is the most compelling reason, its natural beauty. The beautiful, soft red-brown wood is rich in appearance and will not fade or dull over time. People often choose made of cedar for its appearance alone not even knowing the numerous other beneficial properties of this fabulous wood.

Cedar is an exceptional value. Its natural beauty and beneficial properties make it the best option for all of your outdoor furniture.

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