Used lawn mower engines 101

Used lawn mower engines 101
by Jackson Blythe-ONeill

There are a number of reasons why you would want to purchase a used lawn mower engine and thankfully many are available today. It’s possible that you might want to buy a used lawn mower engine to replace an old or damaged engine in a lawn mower that is otherwise good. Replacing just the engine allows you to keep your old lawn mower which may be in good condition.

There are many types of lawn mowers and thus there are different types of lawn mower engines too. Not all engines will fit into all land mowers. It is important to consider the type of land mower before fitting in the engine.

Most often you would want to replace the engine in a rotary push mower. These engines are normally gas powered internal combustion engines that range in size from 2hp to 7hp. A larger engine will be appropriate for a larger lawn, while a small engine will work well for smaller yards.

If you choose a bigger, 7hp engine you can safely cut a large lawn and it has enough power to get the job done in a short amount of time. As you can see, deciding on the size of engine to purchase really depends on how much grass you need to cut.

Riding lawn mowers are very popular and have even higher capacity engines. Riding lawn mowers are used to maintain lawns that are very large-typically more than an acre. Examples include golf courses. They are often used by landscaping professionals. Their engines need to be very powerful in order to enable them to carry the operator as well as the heavy equipment. Riding lawn mower engines typically range between 13 HP to 30 HP.

The last type of lawn mower engine that may need replacement with another engine is on an electric lawn mower. These lawn mowers are clean and quiet and don’t contribute to pollution like gas mowers. Unfortunately though, since they are connected to electricity, they cannot be used in wet conditions.

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