Tips On How to Have a Great Organic Lawn

Tips On How to Have a Great Organic Lawn
by Mike Taylor

Do you want to help the environment and keep your lawn green at the same time? I hope so, because not enough people think about this before implementing a lawn care strategy. Really, if you think about it, if everyone implemented an organic lawn care strategy the world really would be a much better place. So, how can this be done? How can you have a nice, green lawn without using tons of man-made chemicals? Follow a few simple steps, and you will find that an organic lawn can be the answer.

The first thing you need to do to have a green, health lawn and environment is to realize that you can have a great lawn by using organic products instead of chemicals created by some scientist/corporation. And yes, your kids will even be able to play on it! However, please note – this will require some work. You will either have to do this yourself or find someone or some company to do it for you (and honestly, most companies will not take care of a lawn organically). However, in the longer run, you will be very pleased with the results.

The first thing you need to work on in order to have a green lawn is not the grass-you need to work on the soil first and foremost. If you don’t have good soil, then you may need to work on this for a while, because green grass will not grow long term on bad soil, period.

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If your soil is hard as a rock, won’t absorb any water, and is completely devoid of all nutrients, then you may need to go talk to a local guru for some advice, as you may need to start over or spend some really good time on developing the soil. However, that is probably not the case and you can most likely just do a few things to improve the quality of your soil and help your grass become green for the long-run.

Improving your soil will do amazing things for your lawn. So, what is the best tip I have for doing this? Use organic fertilizer instead of the man-made chemical kind. Why? There are several reasons. Using organic fertilizer will do amazing things for your root structure by improving the amount of water and air your soil can retain and allow to flow to the roots. Basically, organic products allow and encourage bacteria and fungi to grow in the soil (like they should, don’t worry ). This in turn improves the soils structure, helping it to retain water more efficiently and allowing air to flow better to the roots. This in turn will help your grass get more nutrients from the roots and stay green longer with less water and care!

So, as you can see, organic fertilizers have some very key advantages over man made ones. Mainly, the above advantages will help out your lawn for the long-run, which is the key. Why is it the key? Because in the long run you will have to use less water, even while doing less work. Less water is obviously much better for the environment. You will also have less weeds and will require much less weed killer and other toxic products, which is also another win win for you, for mother nature, and for your soon to be green lawn.

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