Tips On Mulching And Composting Using The Leaf And Garden Shredder

Tips On Mulching And Composting Using The Leaf And Garden Shredder

Mulches are usually placed on the top part of soil around the plants to assist with the growth of the flowers and plants that are planted beneath. Adding mulch also helps to protect the plants from the cold, wind and rain too acting as a barrier between the soil and the air, trapping moisture and liquid that will help the plants and flowers grow. Placing some mulch around the soil near a plant or flower is a brilliant way to protect against crawling insects that may want to eat the plants. Mulch can be known to increase the quality of the soil which will be good for future generations of plants.

Laying down mulch is a bit like supplying the plants a permanent layer of food for them to feed on. It will not give any food to the plant directlybut it will lay the foundations and create the best conditions for any plant to blossom. Using a mulch which is made with a wood chippers is also a great looking addition to any landscape and brings your flower bed areas to life and makes all of the colors of the plants really shine.

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Mulches are produced from various natural garden waste. Plants, trees, shrubs, or flowers can be chipped down to much smaller pieces ready for the mulch to begin. If you have anything from your garden that you have pulled out and are going to throw away, consider using it for the mulch or compost before getting rid of it.

Your mulch should only ever be applied in the garden in the winter months as this will allow for the seasonal rain and moisture to be secured in the layer of mulch. Snow or rain during these months will give a great source of moisture, ready for when the spring comes. When laying a mulch around the plants, it is best not to put in on to wet mud. Try to choose a dry day or wait until the soil has had enough time to dry out on the top layer.

Ensure that your area is free from any any unwanted weeds or plants and then put the mulch mixture on the soil, moving it right up to the base of each of your plants. You could put down as much as up to 10 centimeters of mulch but around 5 cm is the minimum level you should try to get down.

Actually making the mulch is extremely easy. All you will need is some organic garden waste such as leaves and weeds and a quality electric chipper shredder to process the waste items. A cheap garden shredder unit will allow you to chop up the weeds and leaves sufficiently so it can be reduced down for the mulch. If you have any branches or twigs that you are disposing of, you might think of purchasing a leaf and garden shredder which will make good work of reducing the wood material in to a substance that is great for mixing in with your mulch. Once you have the chipped and shredded product, add a small amount of water if it is dry and keep it covered in a warm place. A plastic compost bin is perfect to start making your own compost. Let it to lay for several weeks whilst it decomposes further and the mulch will be ready to lay on your plants.

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