How Do Ride On Lawn Mowers Work?

How Do Ride On Lawn Mowers Work?
by Jim Cartlier

A ride on lawn mower is often used for lawns and other areas of grass that are too difficult or large for a push mower to effectively get the job done. The blades span a 60 radius when turning, and cut at speeds of approximately 3600 rpms.

A riding mower has a powerful engine ranging from 10 to 25 horsepower. Understanding how to operate a lawn mower safely, whether it’s a riding mower or a push mower, it extremely important. You should be sure you know how to use a mower properly before you start cutting grass.

Those who use a ride on mower sit on top of it to run the machine, just as the name implies. The engine and blade positions may vary from one machine to the next, according to the particular model and brand. Most of these machines have a total of four wheels, with two large rear wheels and comparatively smaller wheels in the front. Some models, however, have additional wheels on the side for added maneuvering ability, as in the “zero degree” turning feature. Sit on lawn mowers can be gas or diesel powered.

Educating yourself on riding lawn mower safety should be done before starting the engine. Before beginning, survey the lawn and remove any rocks, toys, and other large objects. If you happen to run over any objects, injuries or damages could happen since it will be sent flying in an unknown direction. It is also important that children and pets not be in the area when the lawn mower is in use.

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Most sit on mowers are starting with a key and ignition, similar to an automobile. Before the key can be turned, it is generally required that the vehicle be shifted into neutral and the blades disengaged. Once you have started the engine, you can then engage the blades, as well as adjust their height depending on how low you want the grass to be cut.

When you want to start mowing, you’ll shift the machine into drive with your foot on the break. Then, slowly release the break to start moving. The path you take to cut the grass is up to you, but many people like to mow in straight rows, while others opt to outline the edges and move from the outside to the inside. While this entirely depends on your personal preference, you will soon learn that some techniques get the job done faster than others.

There are other safety concerns to think about when using a ride on mower. The most important is to never leave a mower unattended while it is running, even for a moment. If you need to hop off to move a tree limb, rock, or other item, you must shut off the engine first. Many models are equipped with a safety feature that shuts off the engine when you remove your weight from the seat, even for an instant. If this isn’t the case with your model, make sure to cut the engine before you get down.

You should also exercise caution when mowing a steep slope. Ride on mowers, obviously, are vastly heavier than push mowers and can therefore be in danger of tipping over. Rather than mowing from side to side, you should mow steep slopes in an up and down pattern.

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