Corn Weed Care

Corn Weed Care
by Matthew James

Weeds are often present in corn fields that are lacking in pre-emergence herbicide. Weeds are caused by certain weather constraints, and it is essential that you discourage the growth of weeds in order to protect the corn yields. In some places, including Louisiana, the farmers are experiencing enormous problems with weed control. Their yields have slipped due to weeds and they are facing losses. Some of the fields are very weedy and no amount of herbicide can get a good yield. This has been a worry to corn growers and constant fear lurks in their minds.

The critical period is used to describe the length of time that weeds are allowed to compete with the crop until the latter is damaged. To obtain maximum yield, weeds must be eradicated before they reach the critical period. Timely weed management to protect the corn plants is a fundamental feature for all crop growers and is majorly undertaken to maximize the corn yield potential. Killing the weeds is an essential step to achieve the goal of weed management.

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To control any weeds that crop up in the patch, you must hoe between the rows. Be careful of hitting the corn’s stalks and roots as you’re hoeing the weeds. As an alternative prevention technique, you can use mulch at the bottom of the plants. The concern for timely weed management in order to protect your corn yield becomes crucial in the post emergence herbicide corn systems.

Most research universities recommend the use of herbicides in the earlier pre plant and pre-emergence period as an excellent option to reduce weed management risks. The applied herbicide treatment aims to improve corn posture by reducing the pressure that weeds have on the plants.

Toxic fungi affecting corn is another issue that agriculture researchers are taking seriously. If a bacterium is found then it’ll be a boon for farmers to protect their corn against weeds and other pests. Corn growers can sigh of relief now that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has recently approved Balance Flexx herbicide from Bayer CropScience.

A 100% weed control is the ultimate goal of a soil applied herbicide treatment. The commonly targeted weeds are giant foxtail, woolly cup grass, small seeded annual broadleaf weeds, and giant ragweed. Similar to the pests that attack and ruin the corn, the presence of weeds is very unpleasant. All the necessary measures must be undertaken to rake off all these pests that may prove hazardous to your corn yield.

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