Plant Rental and Leasing In NYC Is Now Available For Your Office

Plant Rental and Leasing In NYC Is Now Available For Your Office
by Gladys Friday

If you work in an office environment, chances are you have a plant on your desk or know someone who does. Having plants in our work environment, calms us, provides us oxygen, filters harmful substances from the air and provides the humidity that the air conditioning systems remove. Many employers have found that the inclusion of plants into the office environment increases both efficiency and morale in the office. The simple matter of placing plants in an environment doesn’t mean that they will grow there. There has to be some kind of office plant maintenance program in place to insure that the plants will thrive.

Many companies who have plants in the offices don’t own the plants. The plants are leased from another company who will provide the plants but will also come in and feed, water, prune and replace any plants that become sick. This use of a horticultural company to provide plants in the office releases the company of the necessity to maintain the plants through the use of in house staff and the replacement of plants on a regular basis.

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The plants that are placed in offices that are not maintained by an outside company need to be maintained also. It is readily apparent as to who maintains their plants in an office and who doesn’t. Plants should be selected with the idea that they will be container bound for their lifetime. The amount of lighting in the office should be known and the plants selected for the office environment should tolerate the amount of available lighting.

The amount of water provided to a plant in the office must also be considered and the amount of water is just as important as the amount of light. Knowing when a plant is in need of water is made simple through the use of a water meter. These meters are readily available and keep track of the moisture content of the soil that the plant is in. The proper amounts of both light and moisture provide attractive plants in the office environment.

As a general rule, plants that can survive indoors at the home can survive indoors at the office. Wandering jew, ivy, dieffenbachia and spider plants all thrive in the office environment. Once an employee has been in an office for several years, it is entirely possible to see a file cabinet or set of shelves that are almost completely covered by ivy or wandering jew. The care and maintenance that the plant receives from its owner is highly evident.

Plants in the office environment provide more than just an enhancement to morale and productivity. Plants in the office environment also help clean noxious chemicals from the air. Common products like drywall and electronic equipment such as printers, fax machines and copiers all produce noxious odors and emit noxious chemicals. The plants in the office clean the air of these odors and chemicals and can help a building from becoming a sick building. With the proper office plant maintenance, companies can increase employee morale along with productivity while keeping the air in the office fresh and clean.

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