Roofing Your Home: Why Go With the Little Guy

Roofing Your Home: Why Go With the Little Guy
by Craig K. Albrecht

When considering which roofing contractor to hire there are a lot of things to ponder. Price, time frame, service, product, warranty. . . The list could go on for days. One way to sort through the mayhem is to simply think about the kind of experience you want. You are probably thinking, “there is an experience to be had – I thought it was a roof job?”

You are in the market to hire a roofer because of a negative experience, so by capping it off with a positive experience, you may find your outlook and appreciation for our inclement weather to be a brighter one. One of the easiest ways to figure out what kind of experience you will get, is to sort out the companies by size. You will have no problem doing this.

Big companies – the names you already know – have a large marketing budget. They are on bill boards, radio and TV ads and the internet. The deals will sound good. Being that they have several crews and/or subcontract work; they can afford the deals, as well as the ads. A quick turn around and scheduling flexibility often times accompany this.

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Smaller roofing contractor companies often times are small for a reason: they choose not to compete on the grand marketing scale; they choose not to subcontract out jobs; and they choose to not take on more jobs than their current workers can do. Why? Quality.

The little guy also knows that because they are small, they have to stand by their work, they have to know and vouch for their crews and they have to provide you with the service of a true craftsman. The little guy knows that if they do their job well you will tell you neighbor. This saves them a bundle on marketing. Small companies are also more willing to work with your individual needs because of this. If you want to purchase the shingles, if you want to custom order something, or if you have special requests, a smaller company will work with you, while some of the big boys will only offer their standard packages – no exceptions.

If you want to turn a negative situation into a positive one, hire a small, local company to fix your roof. It may take longer to book the job, but they have the loyalty, commitment and workmanship you are looking for. Pick up the phone and call today, a small company can get your job done right the first time.

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