NEW PARENTS: A Passing Break Of Attention To Your Child Can Have Grave Consequences

NEW PARENTS: A Passing Break Of Attention To Your Child Can Have Grave Consequences

Everyone has short lapses sporadically, forgetting something or someone important and feeling sorry, after the fact. I just did this a week ago, forgetting my only brother's birthday until abruptly I remembered, the day after. I thought to myself, how could that have happened? How did I go through the whole day knowing it was April 24, without jarring myself into remembering it was my brother's birthday? I called him up in a panic the next day and he just laughed, but I felt dreadful. I sent him a belated birthday card, but it just wasn’t the same.

Imagine the horrific reaction to have a lapse that results in the ultimate penalty, your child dies. I read everyday about such tragedies that affect the lives of parents forever. Just this past week, for example, there were several drowning incidents, a child was backed over in the driveway and a television fell on 2 month old baby, killing her instantly. More articles include such things as a child is playing in the yard one minute, and the next they are in the street and hit by a passing car. You can read about daily fatal incidents involving children at baby safetBuild Stuffy on the Tragic Headlines page. These tragedies affect the lives of parents, grandparents, sibling, neighbors and friends. But for the parent responsible, how is recovery even possible? The guilt and shame along with huge compuction can ruin the parent’s life. Some go into deep depression while others cope with alcohol or drugs.

The problem with these incidents involving children, is, when you listen to the parents, they just never thought something like that could happen to them. They considered themselves decent, if not great parents. They believed they were very attentive and careful but in just a flash, they were distracted and the worse possible scenerio ensued. New parents or parents of young children don't expect tragedy, so they are blind-sided when it strikes.

The biggest deterrent to preventing these tragedies, is to get the attention of pregnant women and new parents early, and let them know that fatal accidents can happen to their children. If they are made aware in a serious fashion they typically take it very seriously and will be just a little more careful when feeling themselves in distracting situations. Parents can read about the most likely ways accidents happen to small children and babies at pregnant women on the several pages on child safety. Parents need to be vigilant about child safety, themselves, and in communicating with others they entrust to care for their baby or small child. THe message we work to drive home in the minds of new parents and pregnant women is, One Incident, and they could loose their child forever.

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