Adding Old-World Charm to Your Home With Carriage Clocks

by Birgit F.

Do you love the look of bold and antiques? Do you prefer a classic look for your home over a modern fashionable style? If you do, may I suggest adding an old-world style carriage clock to your interior design?

Housed in a casing of wood or metal, usually polished brass, carriage clocks typically have a small handle at the top. This lets them be moved, hung or carried easily and the front is made of clear and the face is made of white porcelain, allowing you to instantly tell the time given by the black hands on the clock17;s face.

During the 19th century, people started to take carriages more and more often, and they needed a way to tell time. Though large to our eyes, they were the epitome of convenience in their day, and for travel purposes, they were usually placed in a leather case to protect them as their owners traveled.

The 21st century has seen no lessening of their charms and some clocks even have gentle chimes that will give them a lovely warm aspect. No one really rides around in carriages any more, but clocks are still popular and they can be a welcome hint of traditional culture in your home. They can often become lovely family heirlooms.

Carriage clocks with their classic and timeless look can enhance the design of any home. Another reason carriage clocks remain so popular is that they come in a large variety of designs. You can choose from very simple solid wood designs to very fancy shiny metal and glass designs. Each will give your home a very different flair.

A carriage clock can even become a piece of art decorating your living room. Some have painted scenes on the porcelain background, which will allow the clock to fit in with the theme you chose for your living area.

Even the sound of the clock’s chimes can add a special charm to your home. Some chimes will play songs while others have a graduated scale. Oftentimes the clocks will allow you to adjust the frequency of the chimes and provide a selection of different tones.

There are so many different types of carriage clocks out there that it can be hard to choose. You may find that you love the clean straight lines of the more old fashioned models, or perhaps you are more interested in the artwork or floral motifs of other models.

There are plenty of carriage clocks out there that might suit you, and you can bet with the variety out there that you are going to be able to find something that matches your home, whether you want a French look or something more modern.

Carriage clocks are some of the most charming time pieces available. Their popularity will not fade any time soon. So if you are looking for a unique way to tell time in your home, look no further.

Old world charm is part of the appeal of carriage clocks, and when you are looking at creating an environment of peace and happiness, this is the way to go. Consider how beautiful these pieces can be in your home!

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