8 Secrets To The Best Feng Shui In Bedroom

by Dr. Kang-pang Chan

It is ideal to locate your in room furthest away from the front door. In a way this is the true Yin and Yang interacting with each other because the entrance is Yang whereas the bedroom is Yin. Some school of thought in Feng Shui says that having the bedroom near the main entrance is bad, often times we don’t have too many choices- so follow the other tips I have listed and do the best with the space you have.

To ensure you’d have a very comfortable setting use some soft colors that are not stimulating nor dynamic, those colors of such quality can ensure one is relaxed and becomes restful easily.If getting more action or dynamic as far as your love life is concerned use more stimulating colors, though you still are suggested to use them only when necessary lest it’d be too much to handle; Stimulating colors as such are very Yang and thus keep you moving instead of resting.

Position your bed as far away from door as possible and out of the direct line of the door. Putting the bed too close to the window on the other side of the room will render it impossible to accumulate the “Chi” which is essential to all good Feng Shui setup. Always have a headboard as part of the bed for stronger back support.Common Feng Shui knowledge dictates that sleeping with the feet toward the door of the room is not auspicious at all. Such positioning is termed a “Death Position” as if the body were of a deceased that is to be carried away feet first.Feng Shui practitioners believe that it’s better to have some objects serving as foot-board to block the way. Make sure to allow for more spaces to accommodate every and never have any clusters. Make sure no pointed objects are sticking out to any direction. To alleviate this drape fabric over sharp edges to create fluidity.

De-clutter! Clutter in your prevents free-flowing of Chi. However, don’t solve the problem by putting everything under the bed, this will block energy and lead to stagnation in life. Objects can have the memory of past events and therefore take those memorial items out of the bedroom especially those that remind you of some unhappy experiences. Adding some relaxing and high vibrational ingredients will help improve “luck” and “health” too.

All other items that are dynamic by nature would best be taken away to avoid disturbing the mind. Putting a few favorite books around the bed is always welcome as being good ideas too.

For those who are single they will find that setting up the and its items in pair can enhance the chance of meeting the long-awaited lover. The bed is indeed a love shrine to those who’re in relationship already. Therefore, it’s equally as important to have significant items around the bed rather than those things that reflect or carry bad energies via unhappy experiences that took place in their presence.

A common Feng Shui trick is to place pictures, art or items around the room that represent what you would like to see in your own life- such as inner peace, love or success. A carefully chosen piece of art can have an impact on your own personal achievements.

Never put a mirror around the bed as it’s going to be bouncing energies – good or bad – back and forth and this is just not ideal for the area.There is only one cure to this problem, and it is to take the mirror away from the bedroom. Put it far away from the bedroom area so that it is not that easily seen from the bedroom.

Lighting, if too much, is reflecting too much Yang energy which makes one too nervous and sensitive. On the other hand, too little lighting makes one too Yin which is just too passive and withdrawn. Neither too much nor too little is desirable; therefore, it’s best for the lighting to be just right.

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