Unique & Exciting Home Decorations

by Stacy Mar

The accent pieces you choose can add the final touch of elegance to your decoration. Selecting just the right decorative elements is a great way to add your personal touch to your dcor and make it truly your own. Have a digital photo of a special person or moment or even of a cherished pet? Personalized photo gifts can let you display that image for all to see while adding warmth and style to your . Any of your digital photo images can be turned into your favorite high quality woven good. Your favorite photos will look great whether on a wall hanging, pillow or tote and will give you pleasure for years to come. They also make a thoughtful and gift.

Photo blankets are another smart way to add warmth and charm to your rooms while displaying fond memories. These high quality cotton blankets are thick and soft to the touch and as soothing as a hug. And there are so many ways to use them around the house. They are offered in a choice of convenient sizes and are as decorative on the wall as over the sofa or on a bed. They are uniquely designed to accommodate either landscape or portrait images, too. As with all personalized photo gifts, ordering is simple. Just select the image you want to use and include it with your order. In no time, you’ll have your own personally designed keepsake to cherish.

Chenille throws are another great choice in home dcor. The special blend of fibers that make up chenille give it an unequaled softness and depth of pile making it perfect to snuggle up in. Chenille’s composition also make it uniquely suited to maintaining depth of color and intricacy of design: chenille throws lend themselves beautifully to home design. They can even be easily adapted to hang on your walls by use of the provided sewn rod pocket. Throws come in a multitude of design and style options to suit any home, from classic to modern. No matter your style or taste, you’re sure to find a chenille throw you love.

Tapestries add drama and impact to any room. They are part of a long and rich decorating tradition, stretching back hundreds of years. Tapestries come in literally every color, theme, size and shape, so finding the right one for your home is purely a matter of taste. Choose from Medieval, works by famous artists, nature themes, classical motifs, even contemporary designs. Whether you want to add a splash of color to your room or design that room around it, a tapestry is a smart decorating choice. And one you will be proud of: no matter the size or design, a tapestry is a design element that will bring you pleasure day after day.

When the choice is tapestries, look no further than those produced by J. Pansu of Paris. With more than 125 years as industries leaders, J. Pansu carries on a tradition of excellence and innovation to this day. The caliber and craftsmanship of these Jacquard woven tapestries is widely acknowledged to be without peer. A J. Pansu creation is truly a work of art. A family business in its fourth generation, J. Pansu is committed to manufacturing the highest quality goods in a full range of designs and styles. For anyone who loves art, especially tapestry art, a J. Pansu tapestry is an investment that pays dividends in beauty.

For instant style impact or update, consider adding area rugs. Durable as they are beautiful, area rugs add a burst of style, color and warmth to your home. Use them to delineate functional areas in your house or to complement your furnishings. Area rugs are available to suit literally any style of house. Choose from classic orientals, fresh modern motifs, novelty rugs, sheepskin rugs: the list is endless. Want to unify your home dcor and add your personal stamp? Its easy: just choose your favorite area rug.

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