Enjoying A Stay At Home Adventure

by Bret Tardone

Whether you wish to add a touch of through a safari theme or are paying homage to your homeland, an African themed decor is a unique way to give your an ethnic appeal. African themes draw inspiration from the land and culture that surrounds Africa. This type of room can be very easy to design. Simply implement the colors of the land and the life style of its inhabitants. Include the animals that live here as they are a vital part of the ecosystem and are ever present.

If you have been on an African safari, you can gain inspiration from your experience in choosing the colors and design. If not, there are numerous travel magazines and home design references where you can get ideas about an African theme. Colors are mostly found in the wild – earth tones like brown, black, gray and clay orange. The cool colors of green and blue are also omnipresent in the outdoors of Africa. Mixing in some red and neutral tone will complement the color scheme.

Animals are the quintessential elements to incorporate in an African theme. Of course, putting a real lion or a cheetah in the living room is far-fetched (don’t even try it), but having animal prints is like the real thing. Fabrics with tiger prints, leopard prints or zebra prints is a close encounter with the African wild, just like having a safari. Add in some plants and bamboo furniture or decors and the look is awesome.

Animal prints are widely available in area rugs as well. You shouldn’t go without this one decorative item. An area rug placed with a group of furniture will instantly highlight the furniture pieces. An area rug displayed in the center of the room is a real eye-catcher. A rug under a table, a drawer or an artwork can either accent the piece or enhance the area. Caring for an area rug is also effortless. It is very easy to maintain and most materials are long lasting.

For decor, use drums, animal statues or pictures and woven baskets. Tribal drums are very important to the African lifestyle. Use these in artistic groupings. It will be a striking centerpiece for your room. Wooden and soap stone carvings of animals are also prominent in African culture. Consider finding a large wooden statue of an elephant that is the appropriate height and width to be used as a coffee table if you are doing a family room. A large statue could be used as a microwave cart in the kitchen. This will be a sure to begin many interesting conversations. For storage I suggest woven baskets. These too are a large part of life in Africa. They will fit the theme well and be extremely useful.

An African safari theme is a great way to upgrade your home’s look. It’s not a common theme but is certainly attractive. It will make your home different from the rest.

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