Celebrating Memorial Day Weekend

by Kristen Thorpe

Its hard to believe that were now more than halfway through the month of March. Weve already celebrated Mothers weeks ago and before you know it, it will be mid-June and well be Fathers . But we wouldnt want to miss the nice long in between those holidays ” weekend. Time to usher in the sun and start planning ways to enjoy the warmest season of the year.

When the weather is nice many of us will take the opportunity to make the most of it by getting to enjoy it. Some people will happily jump on their motor boats or jet-skis and get out on the water for some playtime. Many will go fishing or hiking at nearby park or lake for some much-needed fresh air. Others will choose to hit the road and head to the beach for some in the sun and surf.

With the price of gasoline and the cost of staying in a hotel, many people are choosing to just hang out at home for the long weekend. Its a great time to enjoy some downtime with friends and family without having to run around everywhere. There wont be any packing to do or any traffic to content with. And it will probably be pretty peaceful around town too.

If youre one of the people spending the time at home, why not get out the great, classic outdoor games like volleyball, horseshoes, and badminton. Or hop in the swimming pool for some water volleyball or just enjoy floating around in the pool with a cool drink. Even if you dont have a pool theres probably a nice one in town you can go to or you can buy one of the new inflatable pools and youll have it up and ready to swim in the same day.

And whats a weekend without a big barbecue? Maybe you can cook up some hotdogs with sauerkraut, big juicy hamburgers and cheeseburgers, or grilled teriyaki tuna steaks. Then you cant forget some ears of sweet corn-on-the-cob plus slices of mouth-watering fresh watermelon to serve on the side. And the more you can cook outside on the grill, the less youll have to clean up in the kitchen.

If you are staying home, then youll want to make sure you have your supplies ready in plenty of time before the weekend so you dont have to run around that Saturday and interrupt your peaceful weekend. Be sure to check the grill to make sure you have plenty of fuel in the tank. Stock up on your favorite goodies and drinks and make sure you have plenty of ice. This way the weekend arrives you can just kick back and enjoy.

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